The streets of Thimphu

Lately I have seen a lot of mad men in town. In total I have seen for the past month and i think all four of them are alcoholic. I have also seen teenagers in love and i wonder if they will stay long enough to get married and have a family. But then again if one can put so much energy and commitment in maintaining such relationships why can they not channel their energy into doing something good? Yesterday as the sun set, i said this to myself, “When you think of the word development, start from yourself then your family, your neighbour, your community and then finally the world.”I have also seen teens who think they have found the universe once they meet someone and although having a boyfriend/girlfriend might  seem important it is not all that one can adhere to. And trust me one day when you look back, you will remorse over it.

I have friends who have lived in the US since they were born. They also come from middle class families just like me and the things that they have achieved as teens and the things that the Bhutanese teens have achieved are contrary. Our king always urges  the youth to take part in activities of global concern/national importance and most importantly to study hard. I think out of every 10 Bhutanese youths only 6 are willing to make something out of their life. These 6 people want to do something which will automatically lead to a global contribution.

Last year i met with a swiss journalist who advised me to encourage my friends to think globally and to be a pioneer for any activity in community.But i would say most of my friends or the Bhutanese teens are lost in different cultures, especially the western culture. Our youth admire Koreans and this may be partly the reason they prefer white people over darker ones and although most would say, “I don’t,” it is a undenying fact that even the most unpredictable ones would adore them.

Some people think that they can conquer the world and i think they are the most convincing hypocrites i have met in my life. I won’t deny that at times i have pretended to be something or someone but not long enough because eventually it is not in me to be such kind of person. But for some people it is different. What I mean is that when you have done something good in the past it is okay to take pride in it but not long enough to hinder you from doing something better in the future.

Today i want my sisters to know that it is not safe to go alone to pubs and clubs in Thimphu particularly.  At this time just as much as having a boyfriend might sound fun and visiting clubs exciting; it is not safe. There are “Uncles” out there who will hunt you down. ( just to be clear i am being exaggeration). I have seen indian men who will pay just to get inside and witness girls dance. Last year one of my friends who lived in the US asked me if Bhutanese clubs checked id’s and in order to know the truth we visited them but only to be rewarded with despair. So if you ever visit one make sure you are being accompanied with your elder siblings.

When I started to mediate I thought I was wasting my time but despite that I continued mediating. Suddenly after a month I felt a calmness in me. Once you are in control of your mind your actions become good deeds and whatever you do in your daily life, there seems to be a balance between everything. Meditation has reminded me to bring back my mind to the present moment and live every moment to the fullest.








  1. It’s a thoughtful post, indeed very very relevant. Loved it so much. Yes, Buddha rightly said, one must go in search within, not outside. I agree with you. Keep blogging la!

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