Rio De Janeiro

According to most people,the world cup and sex are the two things that unite the world. Weeks before the world cup starts, the excitement rages: People talk about the theme song, critics place their conclusions on the songs and most importantly people bet on their favourite countries. Just like any other huge events need some controversy to make the event more profound but in this case, it’s already a paramount event that can unite the world! However if one examines it, one will come to the conclusion that the,’World Cup’, is like an act of corruption and the people viewing it are simply enjoying it because that is how institutions and governments functions in life.

The cost of the stadium is priceless in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, before the stadium was constructed millions of people evacuated that area and most being from the lower class section. The evacuation has resulted in a revolution by the workers there in terms of protest. No matter how transparent a government is there will exist some minor corruption. And in this case, the world cup is very huge, meaning it cannot be affected by minor acts of revolutions just like some huge firms or institutions, it is very popular to be brought down so easily and it won’t give up on the continuation of it’s activities. 

The irony is that soccer fans and spectators are aware of the situations prevailing in the streets of Brazil but it is only a mere distraction that comes and leaves for good! Even in life when any act of corruption is heard of people draw judgements and leave it for other institutions to intervene. For example people always leave if for the Anti-corruption commission to look after such issues.

Another example to support that the world cup is like an open act of corruption is capital is involved for the construction of the stadium which cost around 11 billion. Really, there is nothing we can do about all those homeless people in the streets and protesting is just a waste of time because the world cup isn’t going down just because few thousand people join the streets to revolt. In a parallel universe, before the construction started or right when of selecting Brazil as the host country, FIFA or any other responsible institution would have plans to keep those millions of people somewhere else; providing them roofs to live over.


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