That which almost touch the sky

Almost half of the world’s population lives in cities. Cities existed in every century but the size and structure evolved with time and at the moment, cities of the 21st century and the future cities are given the greatest importance. Few weeks back i saw a picture of NYC on TV and it was for about few seconds but that incident let me to pound for hours.

Living in cities can be depressing, i thought, although i have never lived in one but been to few over the last few years. For example I remember that one time when I was in Hong Kong with my family and the first day of my visit to the city made me feel sick. I will describe you this feeling, you know in the movies when the father is looking for his girl and she gets lost in a huge crowd? People here don’t even look at you, they simply walk and sometimes I don’t even know where they heading to; it’s like these cities have tunnels and roads that never end.

May be what’s most depressing about them is their huge structure with advanced materials, the indistinguishable bridges and monuments and most importantly buildings that touch the sky. I feel that our voices or rather identity should constantly balance, otherwise there are every chances of loosing it among these huge structure; and yes even if they echo back to you, there is no guarantee that the same voice will exist. Me and my mum decided to stay home and i told my parents that i could spend the entire next days of our trip in the hotel room because, outside I thought people were not necessarily nice. The tall buildings in the cities remind me of tall tries in my farm-house and I feel nothing can suffice or remotely come close to those trees.





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