The west and the far east

It is 4 minutes to be the 12th of July and nothing has happened nothing that could make world head lines. If you saw the national news you will come across 3 headlines and none appears to be breaking news, i think the only time we had ,’ Breaking news,’ was few years back when the customs office in the south(border) was bombed with no lives lost.

The great Tibetan lamas like the Dalai Lama, Karmapa and other Rimpoche’s have spread buddhism in the west over the last decade. They help in spreading teachings of the buddha but altogether they are spreading love and compassion, even modern-day authors like Paulo Coelho spread these things! Besides so much helping hands that strive for peace, there is always war and misery in this world of ours. There is war in Gaza, where is Gaza? I ask myself, people from Srilanka migrate to Australia with so much risk, putting their life on stake they migrate on boats that catch storm, never to be returned again. Today I read that a two-year old baby was shot on the head in Gaza. Why? I ask myself  but nobody seems to understand my question. Tonight when you go to sleep or those who wake up, don’t be mad because the weathers not fit for you to hit the beach, don’t even be angry that you have put on weight. Because while you have little peace left in your neighbourhood make use of it to become someone better.

I have said this to myself today and everyday that, ‘I don’t need more than this,i am happy with whatever I come across. I will not forget where i come from and always respect and nurture my religion for it teaches me discipline and gratitude. Some times I will allow myself to be sad and most of the times to be happy.’ Because i have no idea how painful it is to flee from your own country, how agonising it is to lose my 2-year-old brother, niece or my son! The images of Gaza I see on TV almost seem absurd. Because i fail to see that these things not only happen in movies but even for real!

There is just so much turmoil in the western world. We have teenagers who go through eating disorders, depression and fools that kill themselves because they have their own weird little problems. America and other bigger nations are just so pompous that in their community most people don’t appreciate things; specially the small things. My grand mother was shocked when she heard that teenagers pay to share their problems to counsellors! She tells me,’Why do you need to talk to someone? when you can talk to your parents or to any member of your family.’ Then again we are talking about America and Canada or Europe where life is totally a contrary from countries like Bhutan. Not to make the matter worst I didn’t tell her that old people were put in something called,”House of the olds!’

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