In the 21st century, ‘Feminism,’ is a worldwide phenomenon but it hit slowly in Asia and South Asia in particular, of course education being the main factor.  By the end of the 19th century almost every women in the west  were subject to equality and increasing number of them were seen in the political arena, while at the same time most women in countries like Nepal, India and Bhutan were seen behind the four walls of a kitchen. History is being made in countries of East Asia when women enter politics and hold paramount post in the government.


When i was in school,we were barely taught about,’Feminism,’ but rather taught about women’s rights and equality. In fact nobody ever talked to me about what feminism is. People who were capable of talking about it always referred to it as women’s rights and equality, as it seemed less complex. We were taught that starting from the stone age it was men who went out to hunt while women stayed home looking after their little ones and preparing meals. Today the battle’s changed, we don’t fight about women rights in terms  of being abel to work or get paid in the same manner as men are. But rather the call is about how women should present them self or the idea of the,’Idle women.’ The ideal women must function under the perception of male-dominated society which takes the battle to square one.


Today we argue if women are allowed to wear heels at work or if girls should limit the length of their skirt at school. These are the prominent issues which bring us together as women. It’s all about how a women should function with out arousing men or asking for sexual attention, be it directly or in-directly. Even in Bhutan our elders are always saying that it is ,’Modern Education,’ that has ruined how a girl should present herself in public, today in Bhutan it is ordinary to see people stare at you if you wear shorts or skirts.


I,for all feel that feeling confident in your body is the most important thing when it comes to building self-esteem. Few years back schools in Bhutan held a seminar with the police, parents and teachers being involved. The highlight of the talk was that, girls should be discouraged to wear cloths that expose their legs and hands because the police feel that it is causing troubles in society like rape. The only thing i would like to say is that they are working in the wrong era and that India is always welcome for them. All i am saying is that there are men who will rape you even if you have disguised yourself as a man, given that you are all alone in a wrong time and a wrong place. The police man can say that girls should be discouraged to roam in town at odd hours but it is awful to even talk about what is right clothing for them!


This is coming from the girl who has to cover her mouth with mask on a hot summer day while cycling during day light to cycle at peace without being teased at. I guess i forgot to add something..in East Asia we are still making history when girls ride bikes..

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