The woods, my bike and the city.

When i was a kid I have heard people say,’Life is too short to focus on things that don’t matter,’ and now it actually does make sense except for the second phrase ..So the big question is why live?, after all one day you will walk that same road as your grand parents or your sick relative did years before you. Of course everybody has their own purpose in this life time, to become some body or if it were my maternal aunt, she would say, any body. Therefore i have come to the understanding that just like some religious people don’t wait for their 50’s to hit temples and preach, i as a teenager now..right here at this moment, be it talking about, looking at pictures or videos i made over the last few years, or even journals I wrote about spending my time in the woods makes my life more significant and it helps me to see it with some purpose.

In a parallel universe it would be easy to say that,’Only god has a purpose.’ But we are humans put up on earth, made to fight with our desires and feelings every second of our life, creatures who would like to see the world, while some wouldn’t want to move out of their home town, almost falling to live life for the,’Now Moment.’ The reason i choose to spend time so much with nature is because ultimately that is where we will land up- mixed within the deep earth ,five feet below and no one to be around us but this beautiful mother nature which is our greatest source of redemption. You know the biggest irony of life is that- nature has provided us with everything that maintains the ecosystem yet we humans fail to notice such paramount contribution that she has made.

Today we live in a community where people favour sky scraper over trees, an artificial wild life sanctuary over the woods and the demands of people increased over time that even food has given an artificial taste over the organic one.  The last 6 months break has been most productively used despite visiting HK, Singapore and Gulf of Thailand. Some days i have walked all alone to my upper farm-house and come across langur and crossed streams that bring waters all the way from the some of the highest peak in Bhutan, and rode my bike back and forth to visit my ailing grand mother, and woken up to sunrise from woods that are houses to bears and creatures like the majestic dear. The other days I have reminisced about those days and again thought of hundred ways to do the same thing over and over again in my mind just like a magician wanting to do his tricks in different ways.

And when i am not doing both i tend to read books and help my sister with the laundry and dishes at home.

The greatest gift i received is from my brother who introduced me to biking which led us into spending quality time with each other. And that year when he taught me to ride complex bikes i spend the most quality time with him than any family member or friend of mine. During our rides we didn’t gossip about other people but talked about rocks, the traditional Bhutanese houses that we came across, the weather and ultimately about how we would always bike together. But that was a sad dream we hoped on to like a kid is not known about death because the seed of innocence has just been planted in the mind of the child. We were in that summer of 2012 but two young siblings who both had no idea about what our cycling times would look like in the near future..

Like wise my brother was also the one who left cycling no sooner during the winter of 2012, i would like to believe that his hormones kicked in and as a 16-year-old kid he regarded his friends highly. However i continued cycling and in the beginning there were times i would feel ambivalent and awful about having to cycle all alone but there is also one of the greatest lesson i have learned from this incident: ” Doing the right thing for you or any one doesn’t mean that you have to wait for someone to do it along with you, like couples who always want to do things together. Remember this if you want to read a book, read a book, don’t wait for encouragement from anyone or if you want to climb a mountain do it….



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