Delhi-not so vivid.

When the shutter went down, i knew it was my last day in Delhi. What can I say now! Delhi is a city like London in the UK and Paris in France. It is noisy and life is busy! Some times for no reason I find myself all alone like such as when I am traveling in an auto that is what life in the city does to you; so many people yet very few souls.

I have come to understand that i yearn to live a simple life if placed in a city like Delhi or any city! Even in Hong Kong I remember being the most sad from my family for the five-day trip. That is also when i learnt that hospitality can make a huge difference to ones soul because when tourist visit Bhutan, they are always saying,”The people are so nice,” and leave behind articles on newspaper or write blogs that talk about their trip but mostly the unique hospitality that Bhutanese people extend to foreigners.

While in Delhi, the urge to write often came and went like seasonal winds in unpleasant situations where i saw women and babies sleep near the road, because of course i don’t get to see that in Bhutan!But i never got the time to sit down and take the pleasure in writing! I even tried reading books which i had bought from earlier, owing to India’s natural love for literature but couldn’t read as i kept visiting malls.

Before i left, my father told me in India women are given more privilege in public places like the metro, malls or even while traveling in an auto and i got to see and experience that for myself, I think this is the first truth/fact my father has said in a million years.  Anyways in Delhi Tashi Wangmo’s says,”If you want to wear a skirt make sure you don’t use public transport like the auto as you don’t want to arouse indian men.”

I have noticed something funny while in Delhi, the first day itself i made a visit to one of the book stores in the mall and kept looking for the book,’Dead Poet’s society,’ unfortunately they didn’t have one. So i thought it was,’OK,’ as that was the first one. The following days i visited a couple of other stores but none had the book. I carried out a survey in my mind, I also asked them for books which I asked my parent’s to bring last month from Thailand, to check if they had them in store and just like I assumed they didn’t have them except for best sellers. Previously i have also bought books from Thailand and trust me their book stores are as larger than their smiles! Yes-Thailand a country where people poorly speak english, forgot about speaking english, they are often associated with spoiling other people’s english if stayed for a longer period in Thailand! So almost everyone in India speaks English but their stores don’t have good collection while it’s the contrary with Bangkok.

As i write this my seven-year old sister, miss Eva is impatiently running down her tuition teacher’s steps with feelings of a typical child who yearns to see their elder sibling with the hope that they bring something for them. Therefore i have to run..Bye Bye until next time.


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