Why is Bhutan too good?

One of our oldest workers in the farm.
Look how happy he is! one of our oldest workers.

Me and my cousin share one weird relationship because she is the only girl with whom I talk about politics, nature or current affairs as people at our age are talking about sports car, fashion and relationships.

Anyways my cousin tells me,’Why do people even want to come to Bhutan? As a gesture of agreement I nod my head because I don’t know the answer yet. Of course the natural impulse is to say because of GNH followed by nature and bla bla. But that would make me look like an idiot cause GNH is so popular in theory that even a bus boy could give that answer.

She continues,’I mean if they come here because they want to visit Taktsang I can understand.’

‘You’re right because places in Europe have more serene mountains and forest than here in Bhutan.’

“They have everything we have here.’ She pauses for a while and the last phrase on this issue is said,’Bhutan is not only about climbing Taktsang but there is more than that. What about the East? No body ever praises about the remote east like having been to the tiger’s nest once.’

I don’t know what happened after that but I have something to say on taktsang and Bhutan.

Now I understand the real reason that tourist should visit Bhutan. I use the word,’Should,’ so that readers can spread the message far and wide the real reason to visit Bhutan. I agree with my cousin when she said they have everything we have but now only do i realize that the real reason tourist visit Bhutan is not because of GNH but behind the man who gave birth to this idea and his son, the fifth dragon king of Bhutan.

I am not saying that the natural environment we have is the exact to the ones in Europe because we have natural tress that weren’t in the first place cut down where as most trees in Europe and west have been planted and are not natural.

So if even a single tourist wants to visit Bhutan it should be to witness how transparently and equally our people have been treated by the Wangchuck dynasty. And this is not only rare to find but also very close to spiritualism because Bhutan is the only country in the world where the chief abbot is provided with equal status to the golden throne.

If you watch TV or go on the internet to update on the current issues of the world, you will witness more of tragedy and political turmoil than peace and growth. I am not being a pessimist by outlying these issues but seriously how many countries in the middle east and South East Asia have witnessed events that led to the down fall of their political leaders?

Political leaders and Monarchs  in rich countries might have the best degrees in the world that can’t be bought even with money but what most of them lack is the quality of being far-sighted. A monarch or a leader can be highly educated but if there is an absence of wisdom and self lessness than it is of no use because the mass are not being benefitted.

I don’t have to give you examples of how citizens in various countries protest against their government which has led to the down fall of their nation and tragic death of their leaders. In fact every nation in the middle east want’s their leaders abducted or murdered.

For an example let’s talk about Pakistan forget about Pakistan because nobody wants to visit Pakistan, let’s talk about India. Tourist visit India besides the popular rape culture because for reasons that a.India is a huge country with 7 billion people. 2.India has some of the most endangered species like the Bengal tiger and c.Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world is in India. There are probably another thousand reasons to visit India as a tourist and all those are true except that no tourist will visit India to witness how happy people are as a result of having a transparent system .

My point being that if one says,’I visit India because I want to see this animal, or to see that monument,’ it is completely fine because thats the truth.

We are always talking about GNH but have no picture of the practicality of it. The citizens are happy because of the policies of the government that have been laid down not by figures who have world class degrees but share qualities like far sightedness .Of course poverty and economic disparities exist in Bhutan but to curb that our monarch personally visit the east and grants kidu(help by providing land and money) to the less fortunate.

There is peace because every body’s needs is looked after by our monarchs. Tell me which country in the world are you going to find a King who says,”I will look after you as a brother and as a son.’ One of the best examples is the gift of democracy by the fourth dragon king which shook the entire nation because people loved his Majesty more than this new concept of governance.

I am not a fanatic but these are too good to not have to write about. Because I know in my heart that to have a perfect holiday I don’t have to book a flight to Switzerland or the exotic maldives because peace and prosperity is right here in front of me….


  1. Hi! That was a nice post. I am a travel blogger from India and I will be doing the Druk path Trek next month! As part of my homework on Bhutan I stumbled across your blog.I read a few articles.Wonderful writing! It gave me some insight into Bhutan.

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