As i enter page 256, almost nearing the end of the book a beep awakens me from my voyage, must be some fool to not have patience and horn at that rate in the world’s smallest capital. I do not know what kind of person, male or a female or some teenager is driving and i don’t have the least interest to know what kind of car it is, if i recall the horn it came from a big car but there are so many big cars, cheap big cars and posh big cars but one thing is definite that i wasn’t clearly listening to it.

I am starting to find myself like a hawk whose only job is to keep an eye on its food or prey and i do not like it but i can’t take risk here, the computer, camera’s and all other tiny things made of metal in black and white whose use will only come to a computer geek are in this room. I do not know how many minutes or even hours been passed since that man started his work and after all it wasn’t a 10 minute task because then the radio waves need to be heard and bla bla, ugh, i do not have the least patience to hear about how this works because it takes me back to junior high days and physics. I wasn’t bad at physics but i wasn’t too good at it also. I loved physics until it ate my brains in grade 11 and i changed my entire major.

Ever since he’s stepped outside the window there is an urge in me to tell him to be careful because I am worried that not only will a slight clumsiness lead to this man’s death but the idea of a man falling and dying from our office window threatens me.And i am such a good person because i haven’t said that and it is now the second time i imagine him falling. I think i should leave now and let him be on his own and after all he doesn’t seem like a man who will steal  my father’s computer stuffs,wait may be i was too quick to judge him and even if he steals which i feel he won’t it will be one easy task to find him, tell the company he works for and even blame for things which went missing but were not actually stolen. Why am i harbouring such wild thoughts and drawing weird conclusions from event’s that will not happen at all? May be i am just bored and want to make things seem a little more interesting, to make life seem a little more fun. Hmm so this clearly suggest that i haven’t had fun in the last couple of days or even months, i do not know because i just like most people aren’t good at keeping record of days when things started getting better or worst, in fact i don’t even keep actual records of my menstrual cycle.

I enter the room where the operation is taking place and the air is so cold that it freezes my brains out because a.the heater is not on, why should it? after all they are wearing jackets that i saw climbers wearing on tv. b the window is wide open. The man who i think owns the company refers to me by the term,’Madam,’ and i think it was because the women who brought him to our doorstep this morning took me for my mother before she saw my face, before the door was opened and at the time when only my voice was heard. Well she is not the first one to fall for this trick, wait how is this a trick? Anyways it doesn’t bother me anymore because i have a lot of things to deal with than contemplating over the idea of a man who i barely know, who i met only  few hours ago and whose face is already becoming a distant memory calling me madam and far better ‘sister.’


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