Now is good

How many of us think our lives start when we finally graduate high school or get married or when promoted to the position of our dreams? The answer is almost all and when neither of that and so many other things enlisted on our bucket list happen we think our life hasn’t started yet. But the truth is our lives started since day one.

The day before my mother a women who will soon enter middle age celebrated one of her so called birthdays. To the world she is supposed to have lived her life and now entering a world filled with more of evening teas and staying home during weekends. She doesn’t need to run around her children anymore rather needs to give them timely life saving advice on issues like capital, friends and finding the right spouse.

To the world her children’s life supposed to start now and they are often reminded by their mother to enjoy life as in drinking seldom, laughing often and eating good food everyday. But everything is so wrong and deceptive.

In the next few weeks my sister who will only enter her teens not more than a decade and I will both leave for school. I don’t know if my parents secretly think either of our lives will start once we leave for school. I won’t deny thinking one summer after having biked to my upper farm house that my life had not yet started because I was waiting to go to school and often waited impatiently to start my life.

I always thought my life was going to start once I graduated high school or in other words once college started. Of course as kids we never think of things like this and that is why we play instead of doing more mature things like cooking, planning about our future and etc.

If you are drinking to get over your lover who left you, if you are writing a proposal which demands so much patience from you then don’t you say my life hasn’t started yet. Because that very moment your life is happening…


  1. for me my life starts when i have nothing to fear, when i can face all the illusions created by fear. my life started once and for the time when i was innocent, screaming out, when the old miseries of adolescence didn’t creep up on me. for me life starts for real if and only if i can live my life the way i truly want it.

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