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In the winter of 2009, I had decided to join a music program which was not far from where we lived. They were going to teach children how to play the piano, an instrument I haven’t seen in years. My father really did not care while my mother was angry because the school required a parent to sign the agreement on the first day of my program. I don’t blame my mother as it was terribly cold, not as cold as New York though.  I haven’t really given much thought about what kind of parents my mother and father are, but this much I know that sometimes when I act cold, or indifferent towards them for the things that will actually benefit me, they have raised the same question themselves. It’s october, 25th and America is still the most prosperous land in the world. All I want today and the following day or in Christmas, since now I am here is to feel the Himalayan air, making its way from the undisturbed alpine woods that are homes to one of the world’s most endangered species like the Silver Langur and the Red Panda.



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