A monday evening

Bananas, perhaps i should eat one of them and may be i will feel better. It’s monday, the first day of the week and the fruits displayed on the table irrespective of winter, summer, spring or autumn look like they have been freshly hand plucked from a garden owned by people who take orchard farming seriously.There are scenes from movies that have fruits displayed for the sake of it and not because the delinquent son, or book-worm daughter will eat it.Around this time of the year last year i remember visiting one of my distant relatives house and it looked so pretty. Of course in no way my parent’s would ever built houses like that because they like to place their money on different subjects like such as buying designer bags, toys signed by famous directors and renting exorbitant houses in the winters abroad.My parent’s are what comes before and after the tatoo and piercing generation, they aren’t extremist on saving and neither on spending.

The house has more than two living rooms which will make up our town house. In short everything is huge and extends with a majestic touch, the furniture which would take a middle class man years to save and buy such possessions, my god i have lost my mind! Of course a middle class man would never think of that or neither has time to think of such ridiculous things! A middle class man will go to sleep every night thinking about how slow the months must end if he is running short of money and how quick it must end if he is having a good time.

It seems i was wrong and go for eating another two or three or even four if i liked to! How and when did i start liking bananas? Nobody including myself has taken note of this habit which is now a part of me, the part to whom people far and across whose paths are yet to cross with mine shall take note of.

When i make that few second walk to our kitchen and from there to the toilet, i look outside and because the curtains are wide open i can see bright street lights and lights from cars and buildings against the sky that is loosing its light. It’s that time of the year when the days are shorter and the nights are painfully longer, that time of the year when people have good reasons to leave work even before they have completed their task, the time of the year when our electricity bills pill up and that time of the year when shops remain closed hours even after the sun rises.


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