The rotten apple(not a typical story)

A rotten apple is bad. Why? Because it taste foul and mostly because it comes with other apples that taste better. Such is the quality of the rotten apple that if the person who inspects the quality of a box of apple comes across it in the first two trials, that box’s concluded as not fit to be consumed or sold in the market. That is the story of the rotten apple who spoiled the chances of the other apples from being consumed. At the end of this sad story it teaches us that the other apples have no identity, thanks to the higher chance of the inspector coming across the rotten apple in the first trials. It also teaches us that whatever we know about the box of apples is from what the rotten apple is: foul smell, shape less and etc, the rest aren’t given any chance to explain and that is how the box dies.

The following day the inspector will go home and tell his family about the rotten apple and his family will tell friends and neighbours and by next week everybody in the village knows that that particular box of apple is no good. However few will realize that if only the inspector searched in other areas of the box he wouldn’t have classified the box as unfit, they will also realize that the inspector was very lazy or either over-confident in doing his job that he dared not to taste more than two or three apples.

There is another way about how the story of the rotten apple may end. The inspector on that particular day will have less likely chances of meeting the rotten apple in the first two trials and he ends up tasting the best apple and right after that moment he classifies it as fit for export. He will again go home and do the same thing. However the same wise group of men will put up questions of doubt,’What if the inspector had tasted more apples and searched in areas that he previously limited himself from?’

When the box finally reaches the market and is sold, people will realize that the apple wasn’t so good after all and that few are rotten. But that doesn’t mean that the apple wasn’t fit for consumption just like the former box whose fate reaches the homeless and factory workers. And rumors will be spread that the box which was before concluded not fit wasn’t actually that bad because after the fifth or sixth apple, the rest are at its finest.

Not all buddhist are same, i know this might come as a shock to you since it’s normally the,’Not all muslims are same,’ phrase people say. A week or two back the BBC features a small article where buddhist in Myanmar killed muslims and other sects, like any other tragic news it succeeds to gain my sympathy and reminds me that I am a little lucky than those that were involved in the crime. For those in the west who are followers of Rimpoche and Tulku(Great lama) at an extreme level it might never occur to you that even some people in the name of buddhism are capable of killing just like some muslim in the name of Islam are capable of killing. Until that day i have never heard in my life that even buddhist kill each other in the name of their religion.

I am not saying buddhist in Myanmar are the only ones in the world who commit such evil acts. Even buddhist monks in India are no longer good, their minds polluted and they do everything that they are not supposed to as monks. For example drinking, smoking, indulging in relationships and some even with nuns. Buddhism in Bhutan’s been fair. However there are some monks who have become bad, just a month back our driver who attends drayangs witnessed monks entering the night life district with cigarettes in their hands and abusive language on their tongue. When he narrated me this event it didn’t seem as an,’OMG,’ moment to me because there are worst I have seen, aunties boyfriending young monks as their soul sponsors and it is sickening to know that they live among us. You see, there are some buddhist in some parts of the world, while some may harm, otherwise will use lust to survive.

For this article buddhist represent the latter box because the universal concept about buddhism is that they are the peace-loving people who live life with nothing but simplicity. Muslims represent the former box because again the world believes that they are war loving. In both cases the world is wrong as it’s been made clear from the story of the rotten apple.

So I hope you belong to those wise section of men who,’Think.’

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