Bhutan is doing it right

Every second the world is maturing, developing and aspiring to be something better. Human history is yet to be rewritten with tech-dominated society. Few days back I met a lovely Finnish lady  who was in Bhutan for few days and we talked about how more and more Bhutanese people are now living and working in Australia. She told me a lot of Bhutanese people are in Australia as of 2014, to that I frown.. and told her that I despise such culture.

She looked confused when I said that. Then I started to prove why I made that face although it didn’t seem like she asked for it, I thought it was something natural to do like a natural process of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly not like an obligation or whatever. So I explained to her within no seconds. I told her that they work very hard and hardly get any time to chill. Another Bhutanese woman tells me that she thinks its worth because the fortune is good. So far nothing is wrong, even I think so.

Then i tell her that if they stayed back home and worked this hard, our country would be developing at a rate which is ten times more than the current one. To this she nods her head. But i don’t give solid evidences. Anyways i tell her that Bhutanese people are quite laid back. For example we go to offices around ten in the morning and head home before four with not less than two hours of lunch break. During winters we get to our offices only by eleven may be because it’s winter or for whatever other reasons.

Today some big realisation took place while i was swimming. I realised that i was wrong to say Bhutanese people are laid back because in this ever changing world of ours we,”The Bhutanese,” might just be the only ones who are doing it right. It is ok if we don’t develop fast  like Japan ,of course in the first place we are incomparable to them but what I’m saying is that we take it slowly step by step and we are getting it there. At the end of the day we are all winners at the art of balancing between material greed and spiritual needs as people.

I don’t know about the élite class but the average Bhutanese people do it right!

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