Fourty six hours before new years i wanted to post an article but just couldn’t bring myself to finish it the way I had planned and then the following day i changed the title to twenty-four hours but it took the same fate. I don’t feel like writing and if I had to be typical for the sake of this hour it is like saying the first few days of twenty fifteen did not favour my writing mood. But since I am not so religious i believe that it has nothing to do with me not writing for the entire year.

actually i don’t want to write about this petty issue and have avoided writing about it for two days until today.But each time i go on social network i come across it so can’t help it, it is like eating food even when though you aren’t hungry because it is right there in front of you and the deadliest part is you don’t find any difference.

We label things as petty as long as they don’t pose any threat or affect us in any ways. The recent bizarre news of class twelve english paper being leaked has taken social media in Bhutan by storm, in fact even a few in Australia. It is bizarre because first the board came to know about the papers being leaked only weeks after the exams were conducted and when institutions were long closed for winters and second because they have no idea who did it.

This event has led to the marketing of the nations national newspaper Kuensel on Facebook which before had very few followers. Kuensel was the first source to officially announce on Facebook since nobody reads paper these days that students would not have to appear the paper but rather that the same marks would be awarded for both papers. The minute Kuensel clicked on the post button, twelfth graders across the nation became mad and fussed about it by sharing, commenting, abusing and now they have put up a petition on

Of course it is not fair but what is fair in life? On the brighter side Kuensel’s popularity is booming every minute on Facebook and they are keeping up with the post, they are having their moment of fame.

Meanwhile how is it possible that the board has no idea who leaked the papers? I once wrote that media in Bhutan is being controlled but i don’t know who does it or is there already a comprehension like that of a raghastani widow in India, she basically lives an emo no-life life after her husband dies: Leaves the house only once in a day to the temple where she must pray for her husband’s soul to rest in peace, wears black or brown, to laugh and play is a taboo from anyone she meets in the streets. That is the understanding that she has with her mother in law.

If the board knew who leaked the paper and are not bringing them forwad do such acts fall under corruption too?


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