Bye Bye 2013.

Where do I even start? It’s been a while since I graduated high school. So many things have happened over the last two months. Talk about my night of terror at a club, or spending three hours with my mum while gambling, when I look at this people I find them conceited and socially inept. I mean what could one possibly do sitting at the same room for hours, when there is a so much to explore? May be it never occurred to them: they are wealthy, have grandchildren, bungalow, holidays in Thailand and children who go to international schools.


Before my boards I had to spend my two week study leave in my farm house and now when people ask me how I performed my boards. I reply back: I studied like the Buddha preaching. And to this, my friends laugh. In Thimphu a lot of things have occurred too. For example the world cup was here and at least 10,000 people showed up. We recently had our 106th national day. Thimphu is no a longer safe place for walking or unnecessary merry making, if anyone is to be responsible it is but the people of Thimphu itself. Have you heard about something called the, “Clock Tower,” I could go on and on about how I despise this place, for me I have only used this place as a junction and visited twice because my sister wanted to visit a fair once. And my mum asked me to take her to skate.


When I say, “Clock Tower,” the first perception most of us have is a safe place which remains populated during the day time and where people gather to bask in the sun or rest after a long walk. Haha..In Thimphu ,it is one of the famous monuments dedicated to our delinquents. Over the last decade we have seen clubs pop up and in that way if we had jobs pop up the clubs won’t be necessary at all but these people seem to understand our youth more than the government! The clock tower remains to be even after all the dynamic changes our town has undergone and it was renovated once.


Time to get personal now, I have been trying to find not just love but true love. Love is consuming every pain while I explain to you what it is. I thought “love,” was associated with the opposite sex or with a partner, but to my surprise love is not even remotely close to guys. Talk about that French kid who liked me and I had no idea why? I really didn’t like him because he was manipulative. This might sound scary, the day my article on sex education came out, I came in contact about sex and losing one’s virginity. So I talked to one of my elder friends, who were approachable and had experience. Then I asked all my close associates: “when are you planning to lose your virginity?”


Christmas each year seems less fun than the year before because I don’t have anything to look forward too. Unlike in the past, now everything is done under my mum’s guidance. The food is well cooked with olive oils, gifts are expensive, the eve party has never been grand. Five years back everything was different: starting from the tree, we had to drive for about 5 kms to get the tree and money was hard to come by. A week before Christmas each one of us, my brothers and sisters were assigned to literally beg money from our maternal uncle who was very wealthy. Those days that red 500 note would mean we had a prosperous year coming, the moment he would come out from his red land cruiser, I took the opportunity to talk to him and he seemed least interested but willingly gave me that note. I would say to myself another year uncle and I shall see you again. Our lives are all consumer driven now, we had a Christmas tree shipped all the way from America and we no longer eat our Yaksha but take delight in eating bacon and ham.


  1. You are amazing little lady. Your writing is very smooth and the maturity is something this uncle envy. Keep going, you are headed for a future so great. Loved reading your article.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Merry Christmas from America! As I continue to read your postings I see a terrific young woman growing more mature with each passing month. You have an extraordinary and exciting life ahead of you, the only limitations being the ones you place on yourself. Anything is possible and we encourage you to follow your dreams. I think 2014 will be a special year and I hope your tests went well. Perhaps 2014 will be the year you come to the United States? Have a safe and very happy New Year!

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