Delhi and the logical Indians

When I returned home from Delhi I wrote a short blog but unfortunately it wasn’t a good one. There fore let me present a better version. I have been to Delhi twice now with the second visit made few weeks back around mid September. The first time I went to Delhi was in 2007 with my grand mother where we toured south india and some parts of north india and finally in Delhi to receive an audience with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

During my first visit i stayed in the north part mostly and made tours of historical sites like the red fort. Later i remember my grand mother taking me to a water park called Apughar which is now shut down. Thats it, we didn’t shop or visit malls for other purpose. We stayed in a hotel owned by a Tibetan at the tibetan colony called Magnu ka tila popularly known as MT by the delhiwalas. Nothing of interest happened except we were blessed by HH.

So my next visit was made this year, the perfect time of the year when it is neither too hot nor too cold. I made this visit because I was getting  bored at home and my parents and I decided that it would be a perfect gateway with my best friend living in Delhi who is originally from Bhutan. I wanted to meet her one last time before both of us left for school and plus she visited Bhutan that summer so it was now my turn to make the effort.

Let me start from the airport: at around 2:30 pm I reached indra gandhi intl airport and saw my friend waiting for me outside. I ran immediately towards her and both of us hugged so tight that it ignited my smile too! We both kept smiling looking at each others faces cause we have been friends for 11 years! After few minutes she phoned her grand parents driver and while waiting for him one man in his 60’s wearing a blue uniform come towards us asking us if we need any help with my luggage. I kept looking for anything on his uniform that would symbolise that he worked for the airport but I couldn’t. My friend is a year younger than me so you can imagine her reaction, she laughed and smiled and said,’Nahi, thank you,’ in hindi.

He smiled back and kept insisting us for the luggage. I found it scary and didn’t bother to smile and for that reason he kept talking to my friend staring at her. While he was examining my friend in all the weird parts i was examining him look at her. Even when the car arrived he kept insisting and then when we got in the car he stared at my friend in such a weird way like even when the windows went up! Right!

First we drove to her grandparents house and later to her place. She lives in the south and south’s the one where malls and clubs and other entertainment facilities can be found.

First day we decided to visit the mall and watch a movie or two and some light shopping too. Something worth remembering happened in the washroom of the movie hall. I visited the washroom with my friend and saw the cleaner, a woman in her 30’s shouting at a girl who I think instead of peeing on the pot made use of the floor. She said,’Su su kar na nahi ata hey ka!,’ with her eyes fixed on the spot where the girl’s urine was all over. We got scared and burst laughing. The girl left with zero reaction from her side because I think she was ashamed lol. So after the girl left she cleaned the mess and turned towards us and repeated the same phrase in english meaning,’ How come one does not know how to pee when the pot is right there.’

The following days passed quickly with us shopping and visiting my friend’s friend who later became good friends with me for most went to schools in KPG and darjeling and spoke Nepali, as I spoke fluent Nepali. One provoking incident occurred in the mall where we met one of india’s top vintage actor Shakti Kapoor who is more popularly known as his daughter’s father by Bollywood fans. We met him in a small store of which brand i don’t seem to remember, anyways we were the first ones to know he was there so we went asking him if we could take a picture and he smiled and casually said just like any other star would,’Where are you girls from?’

I replied saying,’Bhutan,’ with such confidence in my voice that i was sure he knew about it.’ After that he mocked with very less humor telling  us he was going to take one of us with him and since I was taller, he said it would be me, to this my friend freaked out. I am very good with humour and didn’t seem to get the joke that day.  However the next thing that happened was he saying in hindi,’Pata hai inke desh mey na kuta kha ta hai,’  to his friend which was so f********ng racist! I replied in Hindi saying,’Ho toh nagaland pey hai aur nagaland India mey hai. Bhutan is a country.’ He took us for north-east indians who look like us and share similar faces with Thai’s and chinese.

The above incident highlights two significant issue in India. 1. India is a racist country and 2 Most indian men have rape faces or are perverts. Lets be honest. In India, in public if we find someone to be perv they are obviously capable of doing only one thing, sexually molesting/haressing you You must be thinking what a rape face means,let me explain. Any men who are potential to rape any girl(irrespective of the age) have rape faces and since my wisdom and sixth sense share mututal relations I know if one has a rape face.

I would like to write more about other incidents worth remembering so next post it is. Don’t forget to come back.


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