Democratic Debate Analysis

Am I the only one who thinks that the crowd was filled with Hillary Clinton supporters? The debate crowd cheered not more than three times and the two times they did were when, Senator Sanders said that the American people were sick and tired of hearing about Hilary’s emails and second when Hilary made her ground breaking point towards the Republican’s by saying, “They don’t mind having a big government to interfere with the women’s right to choose and try to take down Planned Parenthood. We can do this, we should no be paralyzed by the Republicans,” while defending her stand on paid leave. The first Democratic Presidential Debate was definitely different compared to the Republican debate in terms of the number of candidates and the issues discussed through the questions thrown at the candidates. According to me, the Presidential Debate can be classified into three sections, the loser and winner of the debate and the part where they discussed some of the important issues on Foreign Policy and Climate Change.

The winner of the debate was Bernie Sanders although; Hilary emerged as one of the best orators among the candidates given her ongoing email investigation. Bernie Sanders maintained a moderate grip throughout the debate. Senator Sanders’s only comment made towards foreign policy was when Anderson Cooper asked the candidates their thoughts on Putin and Russia’s role in Syria, Sander’s said that he was not keen on sending American troops to Syria. Otherwise Bernie Sander’s winning points emerged from all other major issues like his tax, income inequality, paid leave, and climate change plans. Bernie Sander’s was on top of the tax game when he said that he would focus on cutting the tax from the rich, the wealthy Wall Street and Corporate America who apparently have funded some of the Republicans, according to Sanders. Sander’s proposal is to invest $1 trillion over five years in infrastructure, which would put 13 million Americans to work. He’d fund it by making corporations pay taxes. Lincoln Chafee, former governor of Rhode Island, emerged as the loser because he was invisible during mainstream talks about foreign policy and tax reforms. Lincoln Chafee seemed passionate about a lot of things like Gun Control, where he said that the NRA and American people had to find common grounds, but besides that he had not proper foreign policy, or tax plans, or how to solve income inequality, more sadly he had nothing to say on paid leave, and physically he appeared as a feeble looking guy.

Although, the debate initially kicked off with Anderson asking Hilary about her emails, the rest of the debate was filled with high-level talks about the role of America as a world leader, the income inequality issue, and tax reforms. Anderson Cooper also asked the candidates whether Edward Snowden was a hero or a traitor. Hilary Clinton indirectly said that he was a traitor, while Lincoln Chafee said that he should be brought back without any charges, and Jim Webb said that it was upon the Court to decide. Anderson Cooper would bring incidents from the past about a statement that the candidate had made on a particular issue. For example, Anderson Cooper asked Hilary, “Some democrats believe Clinton changes positions for political expediency; will she says anything to get elected?” Cooper also questioned O’’ Malley’s tenure as the governor of Baltimore, since it was one of the most violent cities in the U.S at that time.

Even though, there was a winner a loser from the debate, everybody had their own style and stood for something that they most valued. Bernie Sander’s was strong in his stand as a socialist and providing paid leave, Jim Webb was strong in protecting the security of the American people be it online thorough cyber attack from China, Clinton was most passionate about bringing the NRA down, Lincoln Chafee strongly believed that a good leader must have good ethical background and for that was involved in one or two personal attacks with Hilary, and O” Malley also seemed very passionate about having a strong Gun Control. The democratic candidates seemed very smart in trying their best to avoid personal attacks and uplifting their competitors which in-directly uplifted them as a party.

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