Dollar Lure.

People from Egypt migrate to Italy for better job opportunites and livelihood. In Nepal also, most people live and work in third world countires, the reasons being their economy is not so good and other things resulting from that,for example unemployment. Although Bhutan is considered as one of the happiest country in the world, we still face humanatarian issues like poverty and unemployment. But that is not the main reason why people move to the US,UK and Australia and as of recent even Dubai!, for work, although at the end it comes down to differeneces in living standard.

The process of migrating to the third world countires leads them to numerous problems. For example egyptian labour who migrate to Italy face transportation challenges, costing their lives. These people,while making the boat journey risk their lives and most die before they reach their so called,’Land of Hopes.’ I don’t have a vivid picture of the situation prevailing in Nepal but friends of mine who have parent’s working in the US or even the EU tell me that, their parents make good money, which is enough to send them to elite schools in India and vacations in Thailand. Although most nepalese don’t suffer to the same depth as the egyptians do, their motto and purpose are same.


In Bhutan we have increasing number of people who migrate to the US, Australa, Dubai and some to the UK. At first people started to migrate to US espically to NYC. In cities like NewYork, bhutanese people found variety of jobs that were within their league  and they were getting paid in dollars! For example waitress and babysitter and etc. This trend encouraged people to leave behind everything and work  in the US. Bhutanese people in the US work so hard that by the time they return they buy lands and build houses. The Australa trend is the current trend and although it might not sound fun and glamorising as it right now when i read it myself, i am sure that these people have a different life when they return; a better different.

From a personal prespective ,i think this is not the kind of life that i would adhere to or want my children to be born in. This life of living an, “American Dream,” is contagious and unhealthy. Working for half of the day because you get paid in dollars is simply vain because life is too short to always think and care about money. And no child would want to see their parent’s working like a mad dog just because they think money can provide them happiness. Not everyone will make it big with education, so even if you have to deal with a nasty english owner at the end of the day; remember to take a break and not to forget on the small things in life.

The solution in ending or reducing, “Dollar lure,” trend is not going to America and living the life of an American but i think it means doing something productive for your own country and increasing the living standard. It might sound close to being unrealistic but no mattter how many years from now, we have to work together in making the bhutanese people live the ,”Bhutanese dream,” in the far future!




  1. I strongly support your opinion. You are right. The number of Bhutanese migrating to third counties is increasing. And the reason is simple ‘Dollar lure’. How many civil servants in Bhutan leave their jobs for these third countries. I think it is impacting the work force in the civil service and also leading to brain drain. Some take EOL without resigning from the govt. job, but when they return they work for few years and resign or they wouldn’t work with as much dedication as before.

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