I like apples

I like apples and trees and fresh organic apples. Everybody likes peace and in buddhism we were taught that even plants have lives and that we should not hurt them. But if the world was to look after conveniences for plants and fruits like apples, we would be considered insane by species from another planet.

The road to my farmhouse is both beautiful and ugly, now you are wondering how can that be? Beautiful because while on one side of your car window, you get to see trees that grow in the sub-alpine/alpine region and on the other side there is a stream with huge rocks and some times if you are lucky you get to see birds that aren’t common in the locality. And houses of course. Ugly because the road that our government made once  upon a time is wrecked  by the countless numbers of trucks going to and fro from the factory. But that doesn’t even matter, some roads will always be roads. People in that locality  own shops that serve the villagers and the workers in the mining factory.While most rely on agricultural products.

After having passed by the factory  for about a 100 times it never occurred to me that the mining factory is a big threat to the environment and hazardous to the people there. There are few houses near the factory but the site is so huge and has expanded that the damage they have cost is coming into action. When i was 17, there were complaints by the local community that their apple products had declined or that the quality wasn’t good cause of the smoke and dust from the site. That was it, it was the end to the tragic loss the factory put up everyday to the fruits and vegetables there.

Today i feel obliged to write about this because the factory has not only affected the fruits and vegetables but indeed piled up on resulting in cracks in the homes nearby. So people do speak up indeed when the matter concerns our lives or poses a threat to our monuments that we built with each penny and countless days and nights of working.

Whatever it is, the right thing has happened. That might be another reason to envy and enjoy nature so much, that is the power of mother nature, she may not come to make you jealous or play games with you. But what she does is totally mind-blowing! What she does might go with what someone once said,’Three things can’t be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth,’ fairly because nobody was willing to do anything about such activity and in that case, guess who came to the rescue?  NATURE 🙂

I know, someone i know doesn’t need to earn their living by working there or making profits from top but what i am simply saying is that it is not fair for one society to become so rich by extracting not only the minerals but also posing a huge threat to their next door neighbours. I am no expert on mines and mining regulation in Bhutan but if the local community think it is a threat to their apples then something needs to be compromised.

By-the-way, i forgot to mention earlier that the ugliest site in that Switzerland looking like area is the Mining Factory; half exploited mountains and the other half rooting for it.

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