I noticed

Have you ever noticed something and decided to talk about it knowing it would be futile like this one time when i was making tea for my mother and caught up in dilemma of whether wanting to sugar her tea and when I finally did, I noticed that our sugar jar was less than half in just three days,while stirring the tea and making that half a minute walk to my parent’s room I thought I would may be talk to them about sugar diseases and the risks one had with old age but i let it go knowing it was futile.

Living in the world’s smallest capital with everyone knowing everyone seems to make things easy and fast to notice. Every day I notice a lot of things and forget them too because they don’t seem significant but mostly because they aren’t worth my time to mock, such as some new restaurant in town, a new bar, some one got married to someones enemy’s nephew, someone got stabbed. You see what I am trying to say right?

Exactly a year since I got back from our holidays and spent time cycling, tutoring my sister, laundering cloths twice a week, reading, dancing,blogging, meeting up with acquaintances, cooking twice a month with nobody liking my food and visiting my sick grand mother now and then.

Whatever I noticed has nothing to do with me trying to patronize certain section of people. In fact I think it is a good thing which has given birth to an entire new generation of healthy and ambitious citizen. A good thing because people know that its smarter to slack off during retirement than now when the body is full of energy and life.

A good thing because you don’t want to burden your children with unnecessary life style diseases and because it is in your blood to compete against your friend’s wife.

I was playing a game this entire time, I hope you noticed how I didn’t say out loud what I was mocking about.

I am talking about people with lots of money  addicted to the gym and its equipment. The biggest evidence to prove my statement is if you look back at the number of people who use  gym on a regular basis in 2001 and compare to 2014, you will open your mouth and your jaws will hurt. And you will stop reading my blogs. Just kidding..

Forget 2001, just five years back the only gym in town was packed but with young boys who were into serious body building and nothing else.I so wish that i could write in dzongkha(national language of Bhutan) because I would find the perfect words to describe what I feel about this trend. Don’t take me for a fool who lord knows is mocking about people going to gym when in the 21st century people are dying to curb out life style diseases.

I am not labelling if going to gym is a bad or a good thing, of course it is a good thing, let’s use the word,’Best,’ since everybody is happy when one finds the time to stay fit. But what I am trying to talk about is the way this culture was given birth. Everybody hates the women who slept with an honest and upright man, that man whose morality will never be questioned. Society will love the bastard and talk highly of him only if he’s accepted in secrecy as most of the time it happens.

So who doesn’t love being fit and these fit people? Everybody except me, again just kidding. I hope and wish that there is someone out there who feels the same way as I do about the way this child came to existence in the first place. Going to gym just like this chid is a result of a.Everybody does it so even i should do it. b. I have all the money in the world even though I am not highly educated. c. Who cares about what the consequences are. d. I want to enjoy and be like them too. e.Doing this will do more good than harm to me even if I don’t succeed in the end(accepting the child or not and having a six-pack or not)

So the child is the product of after visiting the gym and nobody gives a sh** about it because everybody is focused on the women and the revered husband. What a way to raise an army of fools!

I just love these Bhutanese people..

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