I will write more tomorrow.

It is so hard not to write and once again education;my provost, has proven that it is the most powerful weapon in the world. Education is so powerful: it makes you think a lot. It makes you reasonable and it gives you saint like qualities. For example, one not only develops sympathy, but also reverence for those that are blindfolded by emotions and stand on the wrong side of society. Education helps develop tolerance to stupidity and incompetence. As I write this, I am trying to arrange events hierarchically since late summer, 2015. I will continue to be honest about things, especially if they are linked to topics I have written about in the past. ‘Come home Young Bhutanese,’ was written after returning from my first visit to New York, my second favourite city in the world. As ironical as it sounds, Bhutanese food first took me to New York. Unfortunately even by my second visit I was only able to visit two divisions of New York ;Manhattan and Queens. My main goal was to eat as much as Bhutanese food which was only found in Queens, and that is why majority of my first visit was spent in western Queens. During my first visit I had the unique opportunity to visit one of the few hindu temples run and managed by American Indians of New York, called the Ganesh Temple Canteen; one will find everything one normally buys from a dantak canteen and sometimes even better.




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