Who are we? What are we capable of? Are we a good person or just pretending to be? ,often theses are the questions that we ask ourselves. We are, after all animals and like every time we conclude other peopel’s identity by judeging them. Yet we keep asking ourselves who we are. When i was small i envyed rich people just like most of the kids in my age might have. I liked them because i knew they had lots of money. Again when i was small i didn’t judge people and life was easy. I thought my biggest problem in life would be being liked by my teacher in class or having enough money for lunch.

I have never tried questioning my identity and the person that i have become or changed. But times are changing, as time passes by i have realized that no matter how rich or poor, pretty or unpleasing one is, everybody under the sun is equal. All of us are animals who want the same happiness, at the end of the day everybody wants to enjoy a moment of pride, a moment of being appreciated, moment of being liked. Tell me, who wants to be ignored all in all? The answer to that question is nobody. Another thing that i have learnt is that people are different and that is life. The day before i came to realise that my friend’s family favored a good house over watching movies in high defination, while in our family we are concerned about tech.

As i grow up rich people no longer amuse me and i am not found of good looking people. I don’t mean to say that i wouldn’t enjoy touring the world or having wake up to servants scattered over your lawn. Also it’s not like i woudln’t enjoy being filled with pleasing company, it’s just that the first thing that comes to my mind when i meet someone new is what kind of person they are. I am actaully attracted to humble peopel with decent character,to those who know that everyone is equal. Then life becomes easy, you have compassion for other people and you extend your kindness to other people. At first it hurt alot, when i relaized that all of us are the same because i thought of all the bad things that i did to other people and even to myself. In the past i despised people who had pride and ego, but slowly i accepted the fact that all of us are the same and at one point even i was one of them. But i can’t just leave them to rot, i do pray to god and hope that one day, may be, i put all my faith in it and pray to god that they can change.

Recently i met one of my relatives and when he talked, she made me feel devalued. I started judgeing her immidetaitely after that. I spoke ill of her but later on i relaized that may be she didn’t intend to hurt me with whatever she said. And that even if i were in her position i would have spoke like that. I always tell my sister that if you were in his/her position what would you have done? We share the same emotions, so it is obvious that most of us will react in the same way when we are placed in different situations. Previously i thought using an iphone was so important. But now when i look back none of these things seem to make any sense in my life. I do not know about other people but me, i will never be able to judge some one on what kind of phone he/she uses. I always used to think that everyone should be the same, in the sense that i thought people who didn’t get along with me or those that didn’t enjoy my company were bad and conceited. I was wrong, as much as i believed that they were wrong i was twice wrong in judgeing them. For once it is important to know that the world doesn’t revolve around us and everyone is as much important as you think you are.

As i grow up another important thing i learnt is that i no longer have to impress people. In the past whenever i met people i knew, i always asked my self, “I hope i got dressed well. I hope what i said made sense to her. Even my answers were groomed to please the other side. As a kid also,  i would always call my friends or let’s just say people that i knew little of to hangout with me. But all i did was push my limit’s and in the meantime i lost self respect. When you have wisdom, your faith is so powerful that you are strong enough to be who you are even if that mean’s no friends at all.

So my dear friends that is what i am saying, sooner or later the real you will come out. Another thing you are your best teacher and experience is the best mentor. Don’t give up the good in you just because the sitauation demands it. People will come and go and those that stay are your true mates. In life you will meet all sorts of unexpected people. And when you do, don’t forget to extend your kindness irrespective of them being good or bad. Lastly try and appreciate everyone.


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