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Social media is so interesting and time-consuming! It’s been a while since I wrote about things that make me angry or rather this one laugh. So, yesterday i went on Facebook and saw a post titled,’ Greatest bodybuilder’s of Bhutan’, some thing like that, the post offended me and might have just taught me the greatest lesson I need to learn while using Facebook or other sites: Don’t just write whatever comes to your mind, of course you can drown yourself into misery or light the world with your happy life but don’t write things simply without any information or reliable source!

I believe that posting or publishing facts even if it destroys one side of the group doesn’t matter as long as they are facts! But this post is totally wrong and  comes from a source which shares close connection or are associates of  the ones who is in the picture. History is one reliable source which can support arguments and help bring truth an inch closer. I know I can do nothing about this, in 2012  when I blogged about the winners of Mr Bhutan not being fair, soon the Anti Doping Agency stepped in of their own reasons  and few were banned from competing in the following international body building competition in South Asia.

Actually i am really confused and perplexed and would like to use all the words in the dictionary that come close to the ones I have used! As far as I remember I know some were banned because they refused to give in their test, it must have been painful for the family members to live through this moment of shame and dis comfort, while for the elder ones I am sure they weren’t even sure what and why the test were asked for. So the question is, they are asked for the test, refuse to give which only means that they are guilty and the following year i see one of them participating and unbelievably one chap wins the competition! I goggled the penalties for committing  to anti-doping and it says,”For many years penalties for anti doping violations were somewhat standard often being 2 years suspension for a first offence and life for a second offence.” WOW that is solid,! seems like a career ending notice to the so labelled,’Greatest body builders in Bhutan.’

First of all the word greatest is wrong and shouldn’t be used to refer to people who have only been bodybuilding for not more than 5 years. It might come as a surprise to you that my maternal uncle is Tshering Dorji the first Mr Bhutan, as far as i remember he’s been bodybuilding since i was a baby. He started body building a decade ago! Actually it can date back a couple of years as he started lifting weights since he was in high school. My uncle, an honest and up-worthy man build his body inch by inch with patience and hard work.

The picture makes me laugh more than it offends me because as i see bodybuilding in this country, there isn’t  a bright future  but if there is any, i hope young boys and men will learn to wait and work hard rather injecting themselves with the idea of having a good body within only two years. So let me ask you folks, whatever you do in your daily life, you will eventually meet it and in the words of his Majesty,”Any work must be done with spirit and concentration, take your own time but don’t give Give Up!”


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