The reason why mother’s are heavenly

Nicole Kidman said it is a brave thing to fall in love and Paulo Coelho said that it is one of our main responsibility  because god loves us too! Well it doesn’t matter who said what about love. Because no matter where we are or what we do for a living, at the end of the day our life seems futile if we don’t love, no? And when  I say love of course I mean the universal love but for today’s post I am referring to the love that we hold as spouses, mistresses or as a girlfriend or a boyfriend and mainly as a lover.

‘Another relative of ours got married to a rich man,’ said my mother over dinner last night. ‘But wait what do you mean by rich?’I don’t say these words to my mother but keep it to myself because i already know the answer. From where I live and have witnessed events,a rich man is someone who defines luxury in one of the most elegant way.

A rich man is the one whose kids don’t attend schools in the country because they think they can afford to send them outside but more importantly because they feel their brats will continue to uphold the family fortune and name by working outside earning pound or dollar or either becoming someone by the time they return back home.

A rich man is the one who don’t eat in local restaurants or when they do, send their drivers to pick foods up which they think are actually the best foods in the world! A rich man is the one whose wife never ages or if she does, she  turns out to be a saint.

A rich man is the one who doesn’t hesitate to stay out late indulging in serious business with his 3rd or 4th mistress because he knows that he has provided everything for his wife and kids. And lastly a rich man is the one who will be sighted more in the airport than at his own palace.

What my mother just said few seconds ago doesn’t strike me or upset me because everyone I know and heard of is getting married to a rich man or already has years ago. Or does everyone i know fall in love with a rich man? hmm complicated no? or it can be that everyone is RICH!

Of course every girl dreams of getting married to a rich man with charming appearance and all the best qualities in the world. As a kid i always wanted to marry someone handsome and rich. My grand mother also used to tell me marry someone with lots of money and it is justifiable because she lived in a period where education was considered a taboo especially for girls. So what even if she meant it at least that is one part where she as an ambitious women isn’t being a hypocrite.

I know everybody wants to marry into a rich household who equally loves and respects you and your family. Once one gets married one might question how worth this is,’This Thing,’ that they did. But isn’t it obvious we also adore and hold reverence for those that are smart enough to get their sisters or their nieces in a wealthy family?

Ask yourself do we really care and talk great about those that go after love and land up marrying someone not so rich?! NO, we don’t. We avoid keeping in touch with them or avoid calling them as our cousin or sister or brother during any gatherings because it is more convenient to be associated with someone who has something than to someone who has nothing or very little.

It brings us joys as animals to be associated to someone who has more than we do or possess much in terms of jewelery, land and capital.

I am not saying only smart women not to forget with a beautiful mind and face get married into such households but that if you are lucky then the love of your life might just be THE ONE!

Nobody will question these women,rather they will look up to them as an exemplary model for a bright future and i also agree when it comes to having a bright future.  Because those nine months of having to carry another human being just not makes you emotionally closer to them than the father but also makes you love them selflessly. So isn’t it obvious that every mother’s dream is to let her child  have the best in life? Some how their actions are tragically beautiful and there is a silver lining to it..







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