Mediocre Minds

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘Bhutan’, it should be GNH and most importantly happiness. I thought my country was making good money from the rich culture and heritage that exist but it is “GNH”, that keeps our economy going. We are always pretending to be happy that for this reason, people around the world write about us, talk about us and want to visit and help us! Outsiders must be always thinking of us as content beings and people who opt for simple things in life yet we also can’t resist modern revolution  which will one day conquer the world. Still the world around us believe that we are some different kind of being, remotely close to super human that lives a common life even in the 21st century!

The security situation worsens with islamists militants in Iraq while the world cup fever is a raging fire. In Bhutan something significant has occurred and this time it is about the vehicle tax. This significant topic has aroused debates among youths and most importantly civil servants, the platform being social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. People have shared picture on Facebook with the caption, ‘Shame on our MP’s’, and some shared memes with the title,’No time to think about football while our MP’s rob us.’ 

I am not one of them! Firstly have you even seen the towns of our country? Because the towns in Bhutan are very small and if everybody wants to buy a car then i am sure that we would top in contributing to global warming; such a tiny kingdom and ironically contributing more than one should. Tell me why do you think these people are protesting against this scheme of the new government? The answer to this question simply means that, you as individuals are more jealous. And only jealous. Dear fellow,’Unhappy citizens’, don’t waste your time and energy living the life of a mediocre person. But i will tell you this, there are so many other issues to debate on in Bhutan! For example we could talk about on,providing school buses for children who walk for hours even in the presence of highways. We could talk about reviewing the school curriculum to meet international standards, that we aren’t just supposed to prepare bhutanese students for Bhutan but for a bigger world.

This vehicle tax issue has brought a vivid picture of who we really are and what bothers us the most or what attracts us the most. Too many bhutanese people and surprisingly the youths have wasted their time on this issue. I don’t understand if the reason for debating might be that we hardly have any issues to debate on? And even when we do, it is on something materialistic culture like Cars!

Before i end this, i am aware that mediocre minds might draw conclusions from this essay as being written by someone,’Who least needs a car because she is a teenager’, but that is not the reason. Obviously who wouldn’t mind when some group of people in a free country like Bhutan are given extra care and attention while the mass left to suffer. All i am saying is that owning grand cars or more than two cars are not essential, at least for me. If you don’t believe me than take your time and think and even implement because there is every guarantee that it will work.




  1. People will complain regardless! If taxed higher to limit the import, they might say the Govt is not concerned about its average citizens. Now imagine if the Govt lifted the ban on vehicle import and regularize the tax imposition at a lower rate, the same individuals will accuse of being Zimdra influenced decision. Needless to say young minds should stay focused & be part of the solution. I personally feel that improving public transit should ease the need of cars in a city like Thimphu. Through my own travel experience, I have noticed that in most of the cities in the west, it’s not about affordability where one can even own a 2014 Toyota SUV as low as $60 bi-weekly. It’s all about how convenient one commutes on a daily basis and the public transit appears to be a better choice largely. Tashi, you have so far written good articles covering various topics from a youths point of view and I encourage you to continue so, just stay away from politics and politically inclined individuals that you encounter on social media. Good luck

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