My cusps of change

This morning as i was washing the dishes, so many events crossed my mind,majority from the past and minority to happen. There was a time when we would go to bed right after the lights went off not because the light would go off but because we would have ourselves engaged in so many outdoor activities during the day and our grand parents would narrate to us stories. Since 1961 towns have developed and many educated people have moved from their villages. The migration of people from villages to town during those days and today are totally different. In the past people would migrate to towns because they had their jobs, their petty business(huge business in the past), now people mostly migrate in search of jobs resulting in unemployment which is one of the government’s major issue.

The question now is how can we go to bed so easily when our grand parents don’t live with us any more? One of the major disadvantages that urbanisation brought;ones which are not included in our text books,are smaller families and with the dollar lure, every year we have seen increasing number of Bhutanese families living in the states. It wasn’t long before i realized that for breakfast a peach and a glass of milk was good enough for me but not knowing that it would never suffice to our fried rice(leftover oil from last nights dinner) and butter milk(Suja). The last thing i check before i go to sleep are my smart devices like the iphone 4S and the ipod 4th generation. When we go to school concerts we no longer see parents witnessing their kids perfomance at ease but rather lined up with their ipad’s,Canon 60D,Samsung Galaxy; note 2, etc. I remember when one of my teacher said that along with eating bread in the morning please don’t forget our Ema Datshi. However my only fear is that a decade from now Ema Datshi might seem like a delicacy rather than our day to day diet. The culture of visiting our villages during winter breaks seems to vanish as the number of Bhutanese students visiting Bangkok for holidays seems increasing every year. My sister like many other kids who is only 5 made her first visit last year.

Every where change is evident.Fashion is a cliche for the urban youth and with facebook we have more than 20 Fashion pages with more than an average of 5000’S likes. Everybody has a computer now and their computers connected to the internet 24 hours. Therefore culture of visiting internet parlors are dying out as most parlor’s close down due to lack of customer’s. On weekends rather than visiting Lhakhang’s and Monasteries we have lunch, brunch, movies, drive fixed up with our friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. Clubbing is so much evident as over the years even drayangs have evolved and the love for modern music has drastically evolved as karaoke centers has increased in numbers. Children don’t know that we have our own deities protecting us and guiding us in our day to day life, therefore the sight of children visiting Lhakhangs on auspicious day(descending day of Lord Buddha) reinforces my faith in our distinctiveness.


  1. Tashi
    Lovely page! I had wonderful time going through your articles. They are well written. Keep writing and I have a dream that you would be somebody in future…Expect my frequent visit here in days to come…see u..

  2. Dear Tashi, it’s encouraging to know that a youngster of this generation like you have at least observed these changes over the past years. While it does seem disturbing that old values and extended families – heritages of our past are disintegrating, modernism does bring along positive changes as well. The key is to try and strike the perfect balance! I hope young people like you will realize this. Timely piece. Keep it up!

  3. Tashi ,it’s so nice of you to be aware of all these changes that are happening right in front of our eyes. With the time authenticity is what we are losing and hope that this particular article can at least bring back the old us that we have lost while embracing the modernization or more of the westernization I would say. I look forward to your coming updates.

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