If you all don’t know what a,’noob,’ means than i suggest that you goggle it and then come back and read my article. Recently social media in Bhutan can be seen dominated by the aura of His Majesty the Fourth King’s birthday celebrations. Social media users in Bhutan and Bhutanese living outside have changed their profile pictures and cover photos with the kupar(picture) of his Majesty as a gesture of love and appreciation towards the self less divinely acts his Majesty has performed.

However 79% of these users believe and think that His Majesty is turning 60 this year when he is actually turning 59 this year and that this year it marks the launching of  the 60th birthday celebrations. Some examples such as in Delhi, the Bhutan Embassy celebrated the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty and what i heard is that when the Ambassador said HM the 4th king turned 59 this year everyone in the Embassy thought he was wrong only coming to know the numbers at the end of the day!

Also other proofs are students in Thailand in Naresuan University have celebrated the 60th birthday of His Majesty! LOL. Out here we can learn an important lesson! I don’t know who first took social media by the news that HM the fourth king was turning 60th this year but whoever did it has taught us that we shouldn’t believe anything without facts. I know i know what you are saying  that numbers aren’t important or some wise quote on age and that life is short bla bla. How ever when it concerns our monarchs it is and how can one possibly forget how old His Majesty is turning when the purpose of this celebration is got to do with His Majesty turning 60 not this year but next year.

I am sure if i asked my parent’s they wouldn’t be sure how old His Majesty is turning too! You must be thinking i am some sort of date policemen who should be simply ignored and you are right but at what cost? This is not the culture we should promote with ignorance and lack of knowledge! Of course when people gathered weeks before online to celebrate his Majesty’s birthday in a grandiose manner they wouldn’t have even asked themselves how old HM was turning because everybody thought he was turning 60. The nobel intention of these people actually made them look like fools who didn’t even knew how old His Majesty was.

This incident teaches us that most social media users in Bhutan don’t read significant articles or those who read constitute very less % out of the total social media users in Bhutan or they are only attracted by articles written by Bhutanomics. My my! Everybody knows about the what,who and when of bhutanomics article, even my 16-year-old cousin. Any how the point being days before and during the 59th birth anniversary of the fourth king, His Majesty King Jigme Khesar’s and Her Majesty Queen Jetsun Pema’s page released information where it was clearly stated that the fourth king was turning 59 this year.

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  1. Well done, Tashi! LOL

    Your article reminds of the discussions we had at the turn of the century when most people improperly believed that the 21st century began on January 1, 2000. In fact, it began on January 1, 2001. It’s an amusing shame that people don’t stop and get even the small facts correct preferring to think lazily. Imagine what happens when a difficult concept must be considered? Yikes!

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