Ode to 3 years and others.

Today is an important day for me as i mark the 3rd year of my cycling career! My blog and cycling career share close relations as both commenced during the same period of my life. Therefore, today after 2 month gap i motivated myself to cycle for about 26 Km, which is my average ride. It was a beautiful day and i got to see for myself that summer was still around in the colour of the trees smell of the grass!

There wasn’t much changes in the highway to my farm-house but the number of vegetable sellers increased greatly and most of them were women and old people. Mushroom, apple and maize dominated the mini market set up at ever interval of fifteen minutes ride. Once I crossed the bridge gateway to my farm-house, i decided to cycle for not more than two KMs and then wait for a lift!

The day before i decided to do the laundry as my elder sister is the one who’s designated in that ministry! So for a change I took the honours of spending few hours with the cloths next door! First i completed the ones which were halfway in the machine. Once I was done with it, I put the sheets separately as mum clearly asked me  not to mix them with other cloths especially the towels! I let the machine do the work for about fifteen minutes. Second I collected all the dried cloths and emptied it next door in the living room so ashim could do the foldings! 🙂

There was so much pleasure in doing laundry! Yes! Laundry of all the things! From time to time i often find myself finding joy and utmost leisure in doing the simplest activities such as washing dishes, making tea for my father around six in the evening! and of course administering the tutorial welfare of my little sister miss Eva!

This morning i knew that my relative whose name i shall not mention took the HIV test in the year 2001, which I and everyone thinks is a good approach to living a healthy life? It is a brave act as during that period HIV was haunting the streets of every town in South East Asia. I think he/she took that test because they were messing around with too many relationships like one after the other! SO here is what I have to say on this: How can people simply sleep with each other when they  don’t see whatever they are supposed to see! May be most do it only for pleasure and their crave for lust! 🙁

What i am trying to say is, don’t engage yourself in a physical relationship until you know he/she is going to be your spouse. How ever mistakes are like tributaries which one cannot avoid so once or twice infidelity may get hold of you and because you feel that the person you met now will do more good to you than your former lover! So it is o-k-e-y to have survived through that path.




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