When the lights go off

Have you ever thought about what happens when we die? Of course the lights go off for a while and then what? May be the lights don’t go off after all, may be it’s only the body that feels that way because our souls are still very much alive. If you are some one that believes in the power of love then you will understand that even though science has proven that there is nothing much after life, there is no way that we just disappear like parts of an airplane met with tragedies in thin air.

It seems so unfair to have just disappear like that and for that reason i think there is something out there for us after we die more than heaven and hell. Since I am a buddhist the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about death is rebirth. What about Whales? there are chances that we might be born as Whales? But that’s the point of this whole rebirth thing, we do not know how many times it’s happened or if it’s every happened..

The only thing that makes us unique from robots who look and talk like us to certain degree are emotions and according to the futuristic science there will come a time when the human brain has evolved and become so complex that there will hardly be any emotions left. Then what happens after that? when we aren’t left with any emotions at all? Are we to become slaves and will religion play any role in our lives?


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