My sister! <3<3<3

It’s april and time passes by so fast. Recently when I went to pick my sister from school, her teacher complained for the second time that she wasn’t performing well. At first I felt devastated. The moment I got home, I reported the event to my parents and as it is obvious that I was embarrassed, I made sure something was done. So me and my parent’s decided to talk to her and explain why education was important. We told her that if she didn’t take interest in studies, she could do nothing in life. The first threat my mum gave was to cut her hair which is extremely long for a seven-year old kid. But in our house that is how things work, according to my mum. I think when my mum said that, she got pretty sacred and that is when I feel, she made up her mind to study.

My sister if you meet her, she is a very intelligent kid, she can talk and speak like an american which I dislike. And the funniest part of this fact is that she knows how she’d learn to speak like that. One day i asked her and she would tell me, from my iPad! Basically she learnt to speak by watching too many animated and american movies. With this year, going to grade 2, she would be completing  5 years of schooling, 2 years she spent in a day care. And the rest studying in an elementary school. All these years we failed to see that she wasn’t able to read a sentence properly.

Since I am on my holidays, my mum asked me to tutor her everyday for about an hour. I remember that getting books as gifts for birthday’s are rare in Bhutan and when you do, I mean if it happens with my sister, she won’t care. So therefore I visited our store-room, where i would find all her books piled up, books that she had never read or some even barely touched. The first books that I found where by Dr Seuss! I have never read anything by him but I am aware of how talented he is and to be particular they were gifted by a honourbale man.

Since my sister’s school is in upper mothithang, we often take different route because then it becomes boring to travel the same way. It never occurred to me until few days back. The minister’s enclave which stands so majestically; a structure symbolising authority. Who could have possibly thought of constructing this?, when i feel that they could have constructed a good school, for the best students of Bhutan. I say this because although I am aware that they should have  a proper place to live,  they shouldn’t have done things in haste. After all it is not that we have extremely poor candidates competing for the elections.  You know it’s funny of how we say that, this road like take some time to come up, that bill takes some time to be passed yet structures like this, which are of least benefit to society come up quickly.

I have always thought that now in Bhutan, if you do something people will notice and you might as well become a superstar. But I was wrong, my mother corrected me. She told me that, I wasn’t entirely wrong and  that when one does something, they should do it in such a way that, it leaves an impact in society and when she says this, she means a good one. A week back me and my mum visited a pub rather a gig, where a band was promoting their first musical video. They are the real first band to emerge but keeping in mind that we have few others as well but not so clear. They are evidences to prove that Bhutan has changed, music can be a profession now. Few years back, we didn’t have actual bands performing, if you know what i mean. But I want them to know that although they get the crowd screaming for them when they play their numbers like ,’Can’t take my eyes of you’, they should never forget their roots, that they belong to this tiny landlocked country where our culture must matter the most.



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