Our second Royal Family, our second Jewel.

This is the first time I am feeling apprehensive,since I ever started blogging, it seems as though the world is aware of what I writeand all though it wouldn’t even change a bit in my  true expressive thoughts, I feel that I must respect everyone, keeping in mind that while some may like it others will definitely criticize about it. In many countries where monarchy exist there always seem to be one royal family. However in Bhutan we have two enlightened Royal families. After school when I reached near the gate, the sound of  a pilot arriving towards our school captured my attention as it is always a privilege to witness our Royal’s making their auspicious travel, however to my surprise it was none other than  the Royal grandmother Her Majesty Ashi Kezang Chhoden and Her Majesty’s elder sister Ashi Tashi Dorji. This is of course a rare and auspicious moment because we are the third generation of Bhutanese people after the Late third Druk Gyalpo, who had sown the seeds of democracy in the 1960’s. Ashi Tashi Dorji herself is an educationalist and as a young women she served most of her time in making education a wholesome priority especially in eastern Bhutan.


Who other than the Bhutanese students wouldn’t know about the importance of Dorji Family in Bhutan? We have history textbooks starting from class 9 that talk about their ancestors and the connection  that they share with our Wangchuck dynasty. The Dorji family and Wangchuck dynasty share a close ancestral link that dates back to the time of Jigme Namgyal, the father of the first king of Bhutan. One frequently asked question in our boards and weekly texts are “How did Gaydrung Ugyen Dorji prove to be an asset to Ugyen Wangchuck?”, which clearly states that it is our duty to remember and never forget the role that Ugyen Dorji played. Infact the name Ugyen Dorji/Gongzim Ugyen Dorji is an answer to the question of events leading to 1907 December 17(National Day/and the time Ugyen Wangchuck was crowned as the first king of Bhutan.  It was infact Gongzim Ugyen Dorji(  popularly called as Raja) who put up a petition for the appointment of Ugyen Wangchuk as the first King of  Bhutan, had Ugyen Dorji not come into picture we would have never been blessed to be ruled by such enlightened monarchs.


The relationship was further cemented when Raja Sonam Tobgay’s daughter Her Majesty Ashi Kezang Chhoden(The Royal Grandmother) married our third King in Paro Palace. The Dorji family continued to serve  the monarch and the nation. It was infact under the guidance of Raja Sonam Tobgay Dorji that the first batch of Bhutanese students were sent to Kalimpong to study in one of the finest schools, Dr Grahams Homes. Education and health care remained one of the major objectives 0f the Dorji Family. Nonetheless it is ofcourse the brother of Her Majesty Kesang Chhoden, Lynchhoen Jigme Palden who became the first prime minster of Bhutan. Even today they play the same role,helping, assisting and guiding the Dynasty in shaping our country to suite with changing times and situations. Dasho Paljor Dorji popularly known as Dasho Benji is such a hit among the youth as he even host a show in the local radio and has everyone considered in his social websites. Dasho comments, feels free to share and express his views on all things that the youth are going through. The Dorji family is and will always be as important as our Wangchuck Dynasty in the many generations to come. Ashi Kesang Choeden Wangchuck

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