Piece of cake

To understand life is a piece of cake. To understand it means, to know that everybody you know/heard of/seen/share intimate relationship/hate/loved/followed on twitter/Instagram will eventually die! Yesterday i was at the salon and surprisingly the book titled,’What makes you not a buddhist,” was arranged neatly along with fashion magazines, from earlier i was planning to read something and finding that book meant an epitome of fate and destiny, that i was sooner or later destined to read that book.

I first heard about the book when i was fifteen but never got a chance to read then. In the book the author says that humanity consider death unnatural and when anybody dies one cannot get over it and mourn for some time. So it is true, everybody is going to die yet at my home when anybody talks about dying my mother comes to the rescue and condemns us. I am sure this is same every where.

So everything makes perfect sense:Humans like other species live for hundred years or more. Life is guided by uncertainty and any time any one can die. Ordinary people are forgotten within few years while barely two or three are remembered for couple of centuries for not more than a minute. The cycle continues, while we simply become fertilizers our kids take over the world.

Science is vital and without it man kind  will remain fools for eternity.

However everything boils down to buddhism and like the book says buddhism has nothing to do with changing your attire or shaving your head or either turning yourself into a vegan. Buddhism means referring to death as a gradual change in life to completely accept it. Buddhism means letting your actions in your daily life being guided/controlled by the idea that everything will vanish; just like that!

So you may think i am a fool to think about death even as a teenager but let me ask you what really is today? or yesterday or tomorrow? Isn’t everything just a moment. Don’t things just pass by? Are we not maturing physically and mentally every second? Isn’t every second bringing us closer to the wilderness? I am sure for those of you crazy enough to think that you will experience an adventure when you close your eyes for good? That for those of you  secretly thank god for at least leaving something when you die?

For how long do you think you will be a teenager? How long until you see your own babies grow up and move away from home? Do you see what i am trying to tell you? I don’t want to sound like all typical writers who misinform society and put death in jeopardy just so people can remember about it for a couple of days and then again gone-back to pretending that death comes only to those who are ill or faced with  misfortunes.

None of it means that living is futile. I glorify life as a beautiful thing keeping in mind that it’s only trait which is worth living for is because death is inevitable. So readers as long as you occupy some matter on Earth try and be a kind soul, a gentle soul who shall strive for greatness and have faith in oneself and help those in need if possible. Be a lovely creature!




  1. Impermanence,Uncertainty and Immortality are what we should remember in every moment of our life. Dwelling on these would direct our activities in a merit-some way. Thanks for the reminder.

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