Everybody around me keeps reminding me not to be involved in/with politics. Since all potential blogger’s are commenting on the recent Dasho Benji DPT case i would like to say something to,lol. As a teenager all I have learnt from this incident is that: In this country why can we not make a political statement without the public thinking is either got to do with DPT or PDP.

The very essence of democracy is the freedom of speech and when it comes to political parties they should be receptive to anything the public has to say. And nobody should be surprised if 90% of the time the things people say are bad or against the party!

The recent reaction of the opposition party makes it look less professional. Of course they aren’t to be blamed for reasons that Bhutan is still young when it comes to standing firm as a democratic nation. On the other hand lets not use that as an excuse every time you political parties fail to act in a way that is expected of. For example when a newly constructed road gets spoilt easily after monsoon, the government at first will have many excuses like to blame the contractor or the materials used or even the harsh weather but after a while they run out of reasons and this is the period when public will start questioning the authority and stability of the government. Just like that before you all run out of reason please try and act in a healthy way!

Lastly I am not taking sides here but simply saying we learnt ALOT from this incident.



  1. It’s quite amazing to see a teenager maintaining a blog and most importantly writing on issues concerning us. Keep doing it and love to see more posts from you in the future.

  2. Keep up the good work! As a young democracy, Bhutan doesn’t yet have the experience to know that government is seldom efficient or proficient in solving their problems. Governments should be limited in scope and focus on being expert at the few things it should be involved in. Otherwise, power should be left in the hands of the people. Of course, this means that citizens must be informed and involved. That’s the subject of a different discussion!

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