Anybody can have a prejudiced mind irrespective of being rich, poor or the middle class. And although we may not always speak what we think it definitely effects in how we see things and more importantly how we do not see things as they are. We do not ask questions like why a budding artist has more ego than the worlds leading artist’s yearly income. Because we know that the uneducated man when raised his status will handle it in a very immature way only leaving him with remorse but he is not to blame. Why? Because he’s never been entitled to such a thing unlike the wise and educated who not only knows how to handle his highs but also his lowest lows.

No matter how wise or educated someone is a five-star hotel will always stay as a symbol of reverence and integrity while a small restaurant will remain as the place where the average man visits well except if the food is really good and someone writes about it in the worlds most exorbitant travel magazines. It is inappropriate to visit the five-star hotel if you are not dressed at a decent level where as nobody cares at the small restaurant. We do not mention why the minister’s wife looks so young even after having grand children who have reached their teens rather we advice them in our dinner parties that they do not need any Botox even at 60. That is how things are supposed to be even after we have attended ivy leagues that produce people with abilities to change the world.

Few years back(when I used to watch tv often) I came across a short documentary made by our national news channel (BBS) about prostitutes working in the capital. The documentary was very brief and there was really nothing to look at because their faces weren’t shown which is justifiable living in a small community and the only thing visible was the city lights in the background and the car in which the interview took place. With the face being blurred out the  women started speaking and from what I remember she said life was hard which I think was the most important thing. What was our news channel possibly thinking? Did they think someone want’s to become one just because they like to? The entire interview was absurd for me. BBS was trying to act like the girl who got shot while trying to attend school in a conservative society and that is wrong. We have never had intense interviews about our environment being destroyed by mines and on how to not go near the river and get killed right under our parent’s nose. In 2010 six young boys were washed right under their parent’s nose and the following years events like that continued of a rtc student being washed away by the river in Gelephu and of school kids in Paro.

Also during the year when the interview was taken  the general idea that prostitutes were provided jobs as entertainers(singers and dancers) in Drayangs become very popular. Every now and then during that particular year people who visited these places were being judged and let us not even talk about the young women and girls. That was about it and it no matter how many pointless writers in local newspapers harboured stories that they personally wanted to give a dramatic touch, it did not affect the business of these clubs.

So at the end of the year everybody in Bhutan was convinced that these activities took place only in places which common men and women visit because it is a taboo to think that the majestic structure of the five-star hotel right across the street have people checking in every fourth night with such intentions. And for some of us there is no space in our so called morality to compare and judge such contrast structures. After all let us talk about the ones who have never been once quoted in their life over those who have all the attention and ‘reverence,’ from society.

Although there are laws that do not allow prostitution in most countries it is common in every society irrespective of social position or religious beliefs. But know this that our society has never been concerned about prostitution in general or the young girls or women who do so. But we have always made a point to look down to places where we believe such activities are carried out..



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