When I heard that a 19-year-old girl was raped near the Thai temple few days back, initially I thought the girl was partly to be blamed as she was under alcohol consumption. However this morning after I rode my bike 27km south of Thimphu, I noticed a sharp change in opinion a more reasonable one; to which merely one could disagree.

I think the entire blame is upon the culprit-two men! Because I see the tragedy from this point: Whether the girl was under alcohol consumption or any other drugs  men have no right to sexually abuse her. The question is not about how, where and why the girl was present during that incident but the advantage those men took over her. Because she is a women the weaker sex as it is still seen by most men. If you say it’s the alcohol that’s to be blamed ,why is it that I see so many drunk men in town every night and yet there are no cases of them being molested or sexually violated?

Hello people! I think women are human too! They can drink, do drugs(not saying it’s a good thing but still),smoke and chew tobacco. Those are personal decisions both men and women live with! So don’t you dare say that,”It’s her fault because she decided to drink like other people. People who are both men and women.” Are you saying that alleys in town and parks during night are safe for men but not for women?

Thank god I went for cycling today..

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