Republican Debate Analysis

This was my first time watching a Presidential Debate of the United States. It was exciting and more entertaining than Comedy Roast. There was a significant amount of personal attacks. Jake Tapper, started the debate by asking Donald Trump, how he felt about Carly Fiorina’s statement that dismissed Mr. Trump as an entertainer and that he wasn’t fit for being the President. The same question was directed towards Jeb Bush and Donald Trump when Jake Tapper, said that, Jeb Bush, in the past had said, “Mr. Trump was not fit to be the commander-in-chief.” According to me, the Presidential Debate can be classified into three sections; the part where they talked about important issues, personal attacks, and the winner and loser of the debate.

The most important question directed towards the candidates was about the Iran Nuclear Deal. The majority of the Candidates disagreed with the deal but not everyone was planning to tear it apart on their first day of office as President. Governor Rand Paul said that he would look into the deal and that he had no intentions of tearing it apart without some consideration and moderation from his side. Ted Cruz pleaded to shredding apart the deal on his first of office as the President. Carly Fiorina maintained a moderate place on the Iran Deal. While she disagreed with it she said she would make two important phone calls on her first day of office, one to her friend the Israeli Prime Minister reaffirming America’s support and second to Iran’s supreme leader asking him to open up every military and nuclear facility to allow inspection anytime by the American people.

The debate was made to look controversial, as most presidential debates anywhere in the world. This is because, CNN, the sponsor of the debate, is a major international news channel and it would give them a significant amount of ratings and issues to discuss in the following weeks. A significant number of times, the interviewers would bring statements and incidents that candidates had said or got involved in the past and ask the other candidate how they felt about it. Therefore, 65% of the debate was based on controversial and personal issues. For example, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump were made to fight about the stand on the Security of America during Jeb Bush’s, brother George Bush’s, presidency. Mr. Trump thought that America shouldn’t have gone to war in Afghanistan while Jeb Bush fully supported the decision made by his brother George W Bush. The most personal and entertaining question was directed to Carly Fiorina on how she felt towards Mr. Trump’s comments on her appearance. These petty issues could have been avoided, but clearly they were the ones that kept the gears running.

The winner of the debate, although he is not my favorite was Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio maintained a moderate grip throughout the debate. Marco Rubio’s distribution of energy was very well maintained unlike Jeb Bush, who sounded more confident only during second half. Marco Rubio, spoke with Dr. Carson’s discipline and Mr. Trump’s confidence. By half time, Marco Rubio gave me the impression of an idle president. I like how he said that America is not a planet and that America doesn’t even produce as much emissions as countries like China and India. Donald Trump was the biggest loser because his vocabulary did not extend beyond, “I am a good business person. I made huge profits. I have experience.” Donald Trump failed to give practical plans about how he was even going to solve one small issue let alone how to protect the country and increase GDP.

The moderator of the debate, the candidate who acted like a hero reminding the candidates to keep personal issues aside and focus on important issues was Scott Walker. Scott Walker was not only an easy prey to personal attacks with Donald Trump, but he dragged into it himself.

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