Sex Education in Bhutan.

The first time we were taught about the human sexual anatomy was in class six in science.  We were taught about our personal parts and the picture of a naked man was printed on our textbook, everybody in the class would feel shy until our class was over. The next time we were taught about sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual activity and reproductive health was in biology in class nine and the aftermath of such classes would go on days until each one of us finally took our textbooks and secretly examined each one of these parts. Our major task during such classes was to pronounce the scientific terms correctly and from then on we would refer them to by their scientific names.

The only arena that our instructor failed to talk of was the emotional baggage, emotional relationships, reproductive rights and responsibilities of us as individuals. Most of these issues are our own discovery and for those that are lucky enough to have parents and elders talk to them about and advise them.  They failed to see the impact of this arena in which teenagers are the dark horse and most make wrong and foolish decisions because they feel the only way to put an end to this emotional baggage and urge is to have a taste of such experience. We have never received sex education in its whole package and it is true that our teachers made us aware of the sexual anatomy but never about the changes and the challenges that was bound to occur. In a teen relationship to earn trust means to indulge in an emotional relationship involving physical activity and most importantly we are confused and carried away and inorder to keep it going we give in ourselves to earn that so called “Trust.”

king&kidsThe King of Bhutan with the youth of Bhutan.

The urge to indulge ourselves in such relationship effects our personality more than our parents can imagine. We have no idea how many teenage girls went on having sex with protection and obviously those that get into relationships to be laid down. Thus sexuality need and urge defines our daily life the way we live, the kind of partner we choose and also the reason why we choose them and more importantly how early we become irresponsible mothers. Teenagers define themselves according to their physical attributions and if one has seen herself/himself over the years get indulged in such physical activity more frequently than we think and see ourselves as experienced ones. This further encourages us to  think that looking good is very important inorder feel happy and confident at all times.


Emotional relationship in teens are one of the major cause for depressions because when we face challenges In such relationship we have no one in school to open up to and at home we cannot risk talking to our stereotypical parents who feel that it is  a crime for us to fall in  love and experience all sort of emotions. Unfortunately we do not have experiences and talks from schools and the only time teachers stressed so much about sexuality was during world AIDS Day and the procedure on how to put a condom. Directly or indirectly it seems that society has prepared us about the sexual reality but not on how one should overcome and combat it without making foolish decisions that spoil your life. The good news is that we have young girls who have learnt a lot from such mistakes and they emerge as a totally new person but again the better news is that we can have these girls without having to go through such tragic incidents that eventually will make them look bad in society.



  1. This is a very interesting article. We have similar issues in America, where young people are taught the “how” and “what” of sexual behavior but not the “why” and the consequences of sexual behavior. Sex education should include the entire subject matter including the emotional and psychological aspects. Ideally, parents should be involved in this process but all too often they are not. Even though the culture of Bhutan is quite different from that of America, many parents in both countries shy away from having these talks with their children leaving the schools to be responsible. This is less than ideal.

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