This is the media in-charge of  SOS directly speaking to all my readers and now that you have wondered what it stands for, however the night before i couldn’t stand the idea of my apa (father) telling me that it means “save our souls”, but it seemed very closely related as in sharing some close affiliation with our SOS. SOS meaning  spoonful of smiles, it is an initiative by youths for tackling youth issues by involving the youths to find solutions with intensive discussions. The primary objective of the initiative, among others, is uniting the vast number of youths across the country. Other objectives include generating funds for education of youths with financial constraints, and to provide youths in far-flung villages with whole-some food. The team of youths aims to use organic farming, fund raisers and other initiatives as a means of fulfilling the objectives. The team is not a certified NGO; however, the members are adamant in fulfilling the objectives despite the lack of legal/official papers.


SOS is it’s first kind of a youth organisation which solely focuses on the need to  achieve our objectives unlike other youth organisation that have come in picture in early 2013 and have shown no signs of progressive development. Our organisation is different from others because we require huge budget and we are stressing on the need to include rural school going children in the decision making level and we are also emphasising the means of  communication as an important tool to bring the rural and urban students in contact. We are different from others because we take in consideration of the rural children and infact it is our dream to atleast make a student from the remotest part of Bhutan to read a  harry potter book, why not?, we are not freelancer and definitely now that we have adopted this within  ourselves we will remain committed to it through out our lives. We do not plan in getting some local magazine interview us for the few weeks that we have worked in name sake as a “Youth Organisation”  and to post pictures that show more faces than work done. What separates  us from any other youth organisation is that we have considered the importance of agriculture and farm life in a small agrarian county like Bhutan, that is the main reason behind our objective of eradicating poverty by promoting organic farming through youth participation.  We believe that everything should be achieved in a manner which promotes our age old culture and even today more than 70% of our population depends on agriculture for livelihood. While we are busy checking in our facebook accounts and meeting new people around the world, that 400000 of our population is preparing themselves for the betterment of the country and out of that 400000 only few are subject to all modern services but what about the rest? We have so many talented youths who’s lives lay in the far flung areas of Bhutan, those that are amazed to see an ESO 60D and ever happy to read a book or even have a library. We do not want society to think of us as any other youth organisation that will have more hands than required and that whose objective remains very unclear and unrealistic. We want out friends even in the remotest part of the country to take equal advantage of modern telecommunication services which are now available.


It is an initiative of a team of youths who are determined to serve our country in all ways they can. The team, ‘Spoonful of Smiles (SOS)’seeks Nu. 4 million (estimate amount) to implement their ideas that will not only directly benefit twenty seven households of upcoming organic farmers, but also help the community at large in various effective ways. For example, after the  assistance of the project, the farmers cooperation is willing to donate twenty percent of their net profit to SOS team every month till the ceiling of 4 million breaks even in due time. This donation will be further used by the team to start a project for helping under-privileged students meet their educational and nutritional needs in community schools. Bhutan has aimed to become organic by the year 2020. Government has already started various projects to help achieve this. But as a developing country, our organic farmers need non-governmental intervention in terms of financial assistance. This project will improve the livelihood of the farmers and bring about socio-economic development which is enshrined as one of the missions of our country. This project will also indirectly help provide wholesome daily meals to underprivileged students in far-flung communities and also help them meet their educational requirements.


SOS is founded by a young youth himself Nawang Gyeltshen studying in class 11 in Mothithang Higher Secondary School in the capital city of Bhutan and his vision as enshrined in the project proposal’s are of youth taking a step forward. He envisions SOS to be a nation wide a nationwide collaboration of youths for one common goal: One country, one people. If we are the future, if we are as important as we are being told we are, then it’s time we start acting like one. We know the importance of food because we are subject to good food and we consider the need to help our brothers and sisters who’s lives are less privileged than ours. Bhutan  is standing in this position as a country able to accept all modern experiences yet preserve its very rooted culture because of our beloved fourth Druk Gyalop( The fourth Dragon King) King Jigme Singye Wanchgchuck of Bhutan who gave up his youth for the love of his country and people, His Majesty never took youth as an excuse to not take responsibilities  and accept challenges but infact he proved to the entire world what his dreams and aspirations were for his people. The main instigator of our so called organisation is His Majesty the Fourth King who ruled selflessly when our country was going through a period of change and ofcourse at that time His Majesty lost his beloved Yab (Father) and it was then he emerged as a 17 year old King who took into consideration every individual of his nation.  It is through His Majesty’s example that we nourish a sense of sentiment for all our brothers and sisters.


imagesAccording to the founder it means more than a project or an awareness campaign, it means trying to find a purpose for himself. To be utterly honest, it occurred to him just like that. No plans. No discussions. Nothing. It was somewhat an ad hoc idea that sparked within him. . As a Bhutanese youth, we have grown with people telling us that “youths are the future”. It has become a cliché, and we hope people don’t start taking it for granted, especially our fellow friends. We must get the geographical facts straight; we are the future of a very small country. This adds more to the weight that already rests on our shoulders. But then again, what’s the fun if the stakes aren’t high. Nawang Gyeltshen has being working on this project for about 3 years and finally our dream is talking a new life; entering into every dimension of success and prosperity. We are also making use of our local school magazine as one of the pillars for SOS, the magazine is known as Teen-Generation and it was founded by the students of Mothithang Higher Secondary School in 2010. Our Founder envisions utilizing the medium of the magazine to disseminate the information on SOS to the wider Bhutanese population, especially the youths. Currently all our plans and actions are enshrined in the project proposal by the founder himself with accountancy and records being kept after every activity. The team of SOS will make its first approach in beginning of next year when we start our nation wide tour to some of the remotest part of the country. We are looking for financial aswell as emotional support and the good news is that we have a couple of them pouring in which is with the founders effort.




  1. Congratz, we need more youth like you and Ngawang. Its very heartening to see our young minds taking initiative to take our nation to next level in their own small ways.
    Tashi delek

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