Thimphu- i am so jealous of you.

Today as the sun sets here ,in Thimphu, of all the places in the world- the capital of Bhutan, there is something wrong about Thimphu’s very existence for me and as it goes un noticed every day for the 1 million who reside here. The obvious case for any capital in the world is to be more prosperous and more wealthy in terms of infrastructure and other developmental activities. But that doesn’t call for no attention in other parts and in particular the east in Bhutan.

We are a peaceful country and we have so much time to think and plan and implement activities that will reduce the economic disparity between the western and the eastern dzongkhags. The vivid picture that everybody whose been to the east to places like Zhemgang, Tashigang and Lhuentse will see how different life is from Thimphu, Paro, Punakha or Wangdue. However some people might say that i am talking dumb,’Because different places offer different livelihoods.’ But that does not mean that we can’t expand activities that will benefit the rural people. For example the most important thing our government needs to do is build better and bigger roads.

The sad news is the government is too busy and doesn’t have enough money yet we have time and “Some money,’ to talk about pay hike. At the end of the day: When you get in your alto K10 and drive home listening to the radio about a talk show that probably doesn’t call for attention or songs being played from the latest itunes stores, wanting to get home for rest, remember this; some where in the east, there is a family suffering with business. Because they don’t have proper storage for their vegetables or they have blisters on their legs from walking more than 8 hours to get to the nearest road point. The morning that a person would have in Thimphu will be completely different from the one in the east…in Thimphu a person gets up to an easy life. When i say easy i don’t mean that everyone should come and settle in Thimphu. Simply meant that  that we are subject to various public services like the city bus and various shops fulfilling your needs. I believe that the most trending scene in the east is brain drainage of talented farmers who might have had a better livelihood f they hadn’t been drivers and working in the workshops.

I have always been jealous of Thimphu because it is unfair that it’s the mecca of all developing stories. Even when i was living in Paro , i thought the Golden Youth Award which is held in Thimphu every year should have changed it’s venue. You know Thimphu is so good at doing its job that once for a change it conducted a national quiz for youths in Phuentsholing of all the places in Bhutan! Phuntsholing and Thimphu are the two hub centres  for business.


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