This Period.

At this moment i live life so easily. When i feel like going out i don’t have to check my bank balance or neither go to a place in favor of the price rather than the food. I don’t know how taxes are payed but i think you need to fill some form .And then give some amount of cash? Really..i don’t know. I can go cycling whenever i feel like, if it’s at night i have the lights. And if it’s during the day time i need to be careful on the road. Again while returning back i can take all the time in the world. A new place in town opens up, i can visit it anytime i want to. There isn’t second thoughts given to whether i have to go or not. But why? Simply because my parents are there.

This is one of the carefree period of my life, which i should nourish with gratitude and kindness. But putting down in words simply makes it vain. Not only me but all of us, those that are travelling into adulthood should do this. All of our parents are not rich and happiness is something which will differ among us. But please don’t fail to realise that no matter what, your parent’s are willing to do anything that makes your life easier. The other day i heard one of my relatives saying that he wanted to buy his daughter an iphone, even though he was devastated at her academic perfomance. This act is not different than a father having to carry his son to school from home in the east. Whatever it may be, it is not going to last long. And when it doesn’t we should be prepared to brace ourselves and provide the same sort of wisdom to our children.

For some of you, you may not even have parents and even if you did, they must not be treating you right, i mean the way a parents should treat thier children. You don’t have to be sad and make that an excuse not to do well in life. You know what that is?, it’s called bad karma. There are two things you can possibly do. You can either make good use of this situation to prove society wrong or drown yourselves into a hopless future. Parenthood is also difficult becasue even they face depressions and go through anxiety not that i have experienced but everyone is the same. We enjoy so much at this moment because we don’t have the burden of the entire family, for some of us we can’t even look after our own welfare; forget about the entire family.

I don’t know what kind of person my parent’s are but they are difinietely the ones that treat their children right. My mother is a housewife and she cooks for us. That doesn’t mean she is obliged to cook for us, but i think we are on the brighter side since cooking is her passion! Not only that she makes aware of the “Kind of food,” that we have. May be that is the reason why i never fall to seasonal flu’s. The entire minsitry of cooking is under my mum. Good food in our house doesn’t mean lots of butter and meat but those that have high nutirional value.


  1. I don’t know, how old you are, what are you doing, and all those things. But I am knowing that your blogging since age of 15 is shining.
    You are really inspiring, influential and educative through your blog. I loved this blog.
    Who would have put as you have did? I am just wondering over it. You have underlined the importance of parents and more than that, duties of children towards them, be them good, bad or even no more.
    Thanks a lot and keep sharing us the love.

  2. Your comments remind me of when I was a boy about your same age, though now I am a parent myself. Yes, this is a wonderful (and temporary) time in your life and you should enjoy it and be thankful for wonderful parents that help make it possible. All too soon you will be burdened with responsibilities; job, taxes, family, bills, etc. but I bet you will be well prepared precisely because you recognize the loving sacrifices your parents make for you and your siblings. Your respect and love in return to them is the proper response and you obviously express both.

    Life is what you make of it, you reap what you sow. In your case, I think life with flower and be wonderful. Keep up the good work…and keep writing!

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