Our lives are all similar

Our lives are all similar, why? because everybody’s felt happy,sad,guilty,lonely,had anxiety and dead while still breathing at one point of their lives, even the world’s most spiritual person who appears content. And we know life goes on irrespective of any crisis or miracle just like the ocean waves. I have not lost my mind when I say nobody actually cares when you are sad, what i am trying to say is:If you are sad and cry till your swelled eyes become evidences to prove to your loved ones that you were sad then don’t be sad, be sad because you actually felt like you deserved to be sad.

Don’t be sad to gain sympathy or attention. Because you are the only person that you need to convince or impress at the end of the day, why? because ultimately we are left with ourselves and by that I mean days or moments before we see the light’s go off for good. And that is real religion, in fact the only religion that we must practise.

Since we live in a deceptive world I would have to say this is another bad news, nobody is as happy as we are when we approach at the nook of every privilege and opportunity. Now when I say this most of you who have loving and ‘honest’ spouse must have already lost the little reverence that you hold for me so far. But I dare you to ask yourself and not question the morality of your spouse. Ok, you seem to agree with me for a while because you have already asked that question and you smile because we share the same answer but what about our parent’s and what about our mother?! My god! this girl has really lost her mind.

Our parent’s are definitely the first and the most happiest when we succeed only after they have thought why they couldn’t have done better than their kids? Where they lacked in making something bigger out of life? What would’ve have possibly gone missing? They blame their parent’s and if possible their generation too.  And let me tell you, the kind of happiness they hold for us is very natural, something which is out of their control because it is the most unnatural thing in the world to see your offspring at its low. So they do not control how they must feel when their children succeed.

I have a good news and that also happens to be the morale of the story. Tomorrow morning if you decide to choose patience over impatience, forgiveness over resentment, little love over hate, nurture over destruction and cetera then it will ultimately benefit you and that way we make a better world,no?

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