Today’s greatest challenge!

Love is the most important thing isn’t it? But these are emotions that existed since life started on Earth along with hatred,hope,wish,etc.. However in today’s world, technology is the biggest threat to humanity though many may fail to see it because surprisingly it is also the best thing that happened besides discovering water on Mars or landing on the moon!

The use of technology has become so vital that it dominates the list of daily activities that we do. For example we use the toilet, eat, sleep,read BUT most importantly we make use of technology in various ways. In fact technology is every where and that is good too because increases efficiency. But I am not going to talk about such technology like the washing machine or the printing machine.

I want to talk about the technology that got us our time attracted: The use of smart phone and social networking apps! I can’t believe I am saying this but finishing a book or at least reading 100 pages on a daily basis i feel is therapy! Recently i read an article where it says,’Our Generation,’ might have a lot to remorse when we become old and use less. Because looking back the only thing we would have done is become best pals with our phone or computer!

Again there is a difference between introvert and extrovert . I mean what I’m trying to say is they don’t bring any connection here. See there might be extrovert who go out and do ordinary stuffs like drinking or hiking but that doesn’t mean they aren’t victims of social networking web. Because I see and have seen people who take time off from work and go out and dine with their loved ones with their phone beeping every minute. With their eyes fixed on who likes their picture and who they should be following on instagram or twitter,with their minds fixed on what hashtag they should allow themselves to put!

While on the other hand there might be introverts who have their own thing going like reading a book or watching dumb stuffs on the stupid box. Whatsoever the point is everybody you and I  know including yourself and myself are victims of social networking apps starting from Facebook. But what can i say about myself I have always been an outdoor person! I love cycling to my upper farm house and my cousins house, I love swimming and walking hills and orchards!

Few months back i knew my online world was sucking up too much of my precious time so I deactivated my we chat account and snapchat account, i am sure everyone knows what a we chat is but since I assume my readers are pretty old let me tell you what a snap chat is. The clue is in the word only, snap! You take pictures and post it online and people who you want can see them. The motto being you are supposed to communicate through your snaps. I have a friend who post her activities on snap chat not less than 5 time a day! Yesterday i fed her baked potatoes with garlic and butter in the middle(sorry for describing how it was cooked) and the first thing she does like an automatic reflex is to take a picture of it and post it on snap chat! How annoying right! Instead of enjoying the food she takes every minute to check who has looked up her story(snap). This might be a simple example of how everyday our lives have become valueless.

It’s hard and addictive to not have the urge to check your phone every five minutes, trust me and for that reason I turn airplane mode on when I start reading a book or do yoga.


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