The land of opportunies

America is a wonderful country with diverse range of ethnic races and religion. They are one of the strongest nations in the world and excel in technology. People from around the world come to the United States to study, work and,’Live the American Dream.’

What an average american earns is enough to take them to tour even the remotest part of the world. America’s produced so many global leaders and on top of that, they have produced things associated with the,’first and the fastest.’ For example the first man to walk on the moon is from America.

They have made great movies and defined and redefined entertainment in their own unique way. Under developed countries like Bhutan take pride in being  associated with anything american,like an american accent or studying in even the most cheapest college in America. We Bhutanese even prefer american tourist over any other because they give us dollars not baht or yen! Most Bhutanese say,’Studying in any school in America is better than studying in the best schools in India.’

Americans have great geography as well. In one part of their world they have weathers as cold as the arctic and in the other part they have the Bahamas. Americans have the grasslands, the beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains and on and on. If you go to an american city you will find almost half of the worlds races, muslims, christians, Sikhs, hindu, buddhist, extremist and etc.

Their living standards are incomparable to most countries of the world. For example even their public schools stand in great shape compared to private schools in some minority based nations.

BUT they have a sad society that rarely value and respect their elders. In America, there is something called, the house of the olds where old people enter once they cross middle age. One way, it does seem peaceful to just let your mother or grand parent slip away from you,the sight of getting up every morning and not having to look at an 88-year-old does seem gay but it is wrong to do so. Let only the loneliness they go through along with depression and other mind wrecking diseases.

Sixteen is a huge number when it comes to age in America, children get pregnant and most even contract STD by then. Eighteen is the time when they start to live life according to their own terms, these americans I say,”Always trying to fasten things up and move away too soon.’ The culture of living with your parents is  a taboo in America.

More than half of their population eat alone and around 80% of their population live in cities,such a lonely society they live in!  America is  the sinister future that most asian countries will have in the next decade.

They don’t bow down when they greet their president but rather shake hands! That is what amazes me the most. Here in Bhutan, even when we greet our teacher we express our sense of gratitude  through our gestures like a slight bend in our body and covering our mouth while talking. In America it might sound like a joke to cover ones mouth while talking but let me tell you it is not one of the signs of low self-esteem or depression or bad breath but simply indicating hesitation and respect that you hold for him/her  because they are more wise in terms of age and experience.

The traumas that we see today like civil war/ crisis in the middle east might call for international concern and sympathy but the real ones are in the WEST; not bloodshed but killing humanity slowly not like a snakes venom rather like a turtles escape from its prey.



  1. America is no doubt the titan in any sphere but suffers some drawbacks; deprived of care upon turning old, staying with parents attending age 18 is a taboo, helping hand for immediate neighbors and circles around is rare, life is always on race.

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