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I will never understand why people install lifts in not more than five storied houses and why police inspect half heartedly. If you stroll around the capital you will come across a lot of new buildings which share similar designs and are in the same height. Almost every new building in town came up together with very less or no western influence at all. I wouldn’t say most but almost all buildings in town have elevators installed in them and out of 10 only 2 make use of it. So again, the big question is why do people install lifts when its services aren’t required and more importantly when they stop functioning only a week after its first operation?

For a long time social media in Bhutan’s been dominated by a lot of political issues and of course not to forget the impression that the Prime Minister has left at our sister nation, Bhutan’s best friend India with his ostentatious speech. However Bhutanese people have never taken time to contemplate on how the police in our country carry out their duties, why? Because we are a peaceful nation and our armed forces are the most luckiest in the world bla bla. In fact 80% of the Bhutanese people don’t even come across the word police expect if you are a grade 2 career teacher, are a police yourself, are making a trip to the south and or watching BBS.

Our cities(oops, i mean a town which looks like a city because most of us have never seen one besides on tv and the computer) are safer than ever and our neighbourhood closer than ever. So then why do we even care to spend a little time and energy on such issues and because more importantly we have a preconceived notion that they are symbols of integrity and that we as common men and women stand in no place to interfere. And more dangerously Judge them.

Last week as we embarked our journey from the south to the capital, not more than 10km’s and we were stopped for inspection. Along with us other car’s ranging from private ones, the small private ones like the alto, Santo, the large private ones like the Prado,and taxi and buses. I knew it would eat some of our time so I lent my attention on how the inspection was carried out.Actually i am finding a difficult time to talk about how the thing happened because it was unfair and futile and I’m afraid that it will leave an unsettling reputation in my mind for a while..

The taxi pulled over as it was their turn for inspection and above the taxi was a private car, a Prado(cars driven by dashos,contractors,properties and etcetera with not less than half a million loan on their houses and assets). The inspection was for tobacco not that it was written any where and it took place simultaneously for both the cars. Four police men gathered around the taxi like a dog marking his territory over an underdog and asked only the person who was on the edge to come out and open up her purse for inspection, the rest of the passengers weren’t asked to come out and ironically they were carrying bigger purses than the one whose purse was just checked. They are nearing the end of the inspection and they haven’t checked the luggage above the car and the ones at the back. So what if people were actually smuggling in hundreds of tobacco in those bags? This one is so far good because mistakes happen and we are humans not robots and obviously we haven’t been trained in the art of inspecting for drugs and tobacco.

Only one officer who surprisingly looked like an underdog himself I wouldn’t say inspecting because he was only looking with his head slightly bend. There seemed no need to question the driver or open doors at the back seat, the Prado, a car which is much bigger in size than the alto would have carried double the tobacco that the unchecked bags in the alto.

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