What you desire the most.

From the moment we come to this world we are made to believe that we need love, the love of the mother who brought us here and the love that makes us feel like we have a purpose in this life time. Because we are meek beings and are afraid to die insignificant. Even if we die feeding half of africa’s population without being loved, we ultimately ask ourselves the last question ‘How hard did I love?,’Was i loved deeply or may be even once?’ 

Some times it might be the other way round: In the eyes of the universe we might have lived an insignificant life with even the neighbourhood not knowing our name or what we did for a living, fortunately these are the people who die saying,’I was loved and nothing can destroy me now.’ 

But today let me tell you a story where at the end you will realise that it is love that needs us and not us that need them because without us, love is futile and fails to do its real meaning. Clearly there are hundreds and thousands of definitions of what love is from books you have read and are yet to read. The funny thing is nobody google what love is cause everybody knows what it is yet they don’t understand what it really is made of. 

Writers and poet sing the song of love in the way only their lovers can hear because what love is to a pop artist or fanatic is contrary to what love is to the former society. Yet everybody will agree that love is that state of being perfectly happy and satisfied. And being able to notice even the smallest thing that your partner does. 

Wrong, everything that I just said is an utter fallacy because if love was that simple than it wouldn’t have been the most craved want in the world, a hamburger is simple and may be quarter of americans feed on it, making love on tv is simple and half of india’s population go crazy for it. But LOVE ah! it sure is the most dangerous thing with some of the most complex molecules. 

How do you even say now? Where do I even start? LOVE is a battle between giving up and trying harder than before. I have never questioned my parent’s divorce which made me the kid from a broken family ,which meant always having people question what kind of person I would become in the future. But I won’t deny at one point I convinced myself that they were a failure and that the reason for their separation was because they did not love me enough.

Love is a constant battle because that is exactly what it is: A battle that human’s are bound to face at one point of their life and give substance to it. There are some worth being fought for and some that are won and those that are lost however my parents fall under those who lost for reasons of their own that they will never tell and I will never ask..at least that is what i can do and what they deserve as parents right?

However more people confuse love with ROMANCE and lack of love with absence in Romance which is true until that point where you realise romance is an irrational concept made to look love like some sort of childs play which the child eventually outgrows. There is no such thing as romance. Romance was invented in first place for reasons I don’t know and care about but it sure does help in selling teenage books like the fault in our stars, movies like the twilight series and etc.

In such movies all you get to see is a conflict resolved at the end of a hundred and fifty minute clip and that sends out a wrong message to the present and for the future generation that love is a conflict to which an end can be put by a smart lad coming to rescue. Nobody is to blame because we learn what we are fed and in this generation all we know and come to care about are from movies we have seen and books we have read.

I am an amateur too when it comes to love because you see, even I belong to this nonsense generation who’s enslaved by the magic box and its descendants’.

Meanwhile I need some sleep and the right words to come up with. Good night and see you soon.

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