What you missed out on fashion

I am not a fashionista but if you ask me if I know how to please people with what I wear and carry as in young boys then my answer is yes. It’s funny how it took me a while to realize what this world has become, recently i read an article titled why christmas is so important in the west and the answer was because it was the only time of the year when families gathered together for meals.

Now first things first cause I agree why it is so special because during christmas meals are served in a grandiose way and most importantly because everybody in the family takes the time and effort to show up. I also know that the stats in the article is probably talking about the average citizens in America or as a lazy humanities student would put up saying an estimate of the total. Still it amazes me to think that only once in a year people in some part of the world gather to eat food together with their family, I don’t blame these people because the turkey during thanksgiving doesn’t seem under our hats magically rather the jobs that they do feed them. 

So where is the time? The economy is shitty and people need to work hard, not only during the day but also at night and go home to sleep when the day is only starting to begin with life and joy. We don’t just have enough time, do we? See, for this reason i now know why buddhism and Buddhist gurus are taken seriously in the west because they realise that all their life they have run after things that don’t make any sense in this life where emptiness is the core in everything we do and believe except buddhism and buddha. Because they teach us about impermanence. 

That is sad news. But I have a modern-day tragedy to tell you about: delinquency is the fashion as of 2014 like a young rebel trying to do everything to get attention of friends and family. T-shirts have words like,’Advisory parental control, explicit content,’ written on them and that sells, songs start with words like,’bang bang,’ smoking and getting high on weed is more than talking about religion which I feel is not so bad, movies made for teenagers have scene’s that portray sex as dangerous thing, books sell because they are close to watching porn and getting busted for drugs and alcohol seems to be so cool and respectful. 

There is no good or bad today, only,’cool.’

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