When you cross oceans to earn a degree..

You are in the car, not having one of those reveries but listening to the radio, in the background a country song starts playing, above the streets are huge signs painted in green that reads,’54 Avenue N,’ and it is at this moment that you realize you are not in Bhutan, not in Norzin or Doebum lam. Today’s generation of Bhutanese parents want their children to go to the best schools if they can afford to, they want their children to come home with something called, ‘Degrees,’ not because they truly understand and feel the need to have one but because it is now a growing culture; to which a different perspective from the child’s side seems unacceptable.

I am not one of the firsts from my generation to leave home and study towards earning a degree of which my parents will endlessly talk about in their dinner parties and etc. The U.S has a bad education system until it’s college and then they have their ivy schools that produce world-famous personalities like such as the scientist who will send more humans to the moon and discover new planets.

Forget the ivy’s because there are a thousand and other American universities whose education systems are world-famous with international standards that even the Saudi princess will come all the way here just to go to school. To be continued..




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