With time

“Give time time,” is a beautiful saying, it is one of those cliches which doesn’t sound uncool, the kind of feeling it gives you is incomparable to anything in this world. As a kid, conflict with patience is one trait that surrounds us: It is evident in our  mind; when we are  waiting for  summer, when we are rooting for  birthday’s to end, so that we can unwrap the gifts and when we want a nightmare to end. Remember that time when you fell down from your bike or a bully at school pushed you? And all you wished  for was your bruises to go away so that your mummy and daddy could unground you..

Fortunately by the time we become adults we have mastered to be more patient; come to an agreement with patience. Once you become an adult you realise that hovering over any event, especially the petty ones won’t take you any where. “What is done is done,’ is the most convincing sentence one uses to talk to ones sub-conscious after any event has occurred.

As a teenager when we are hurt because we are not,”Cool,” enough to impress our friends at school or wear attires that are of brand, we tend to punish ourselves. But the magical thing about such situations is that, slowly, be a week or a month, the idea of being hurt goes away. And surprisingly after a year or two you don’t have the memory of such incidents.

Time is one of the most elegant teacher. It is not forceful but very connected to being natural, it doesn’t listen to it’s victims. It is not artificial because it has not been manufactured in factories to provide fastness or some sort of temporary recovery. It simply takes its natural course like a river  on its route to joining different tributaries.

At certain point of our lives when we go through difficult times, we tend to easily lose patience: We see ourselves questioning our faith and recalling the incident a 100 time to see where we went wrong or what can be done to make things OK. But those who be wise most always take something away from it. Firstly when they get enough time to accept their shortcomings, they see through that incident and take something away like the takeaways we perform at schools during literature classes from short stories.

Time and pain are directly related.

Whenever something bad happens to us, we go through physical and emotional pain and that is the foremost lesson we take from such incidents. However with time the pain lessens and the lesson learnt becomes more clearer- we tend to use it everyday in our lives and our ability to see and respond to things wisely increases.





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