Worship- a modern day sin.

Even the Dalai Lama once said that, ‘Humans don’t worship each other, we respect and treat each other with kindness.’ But as i and some people see it, these days the act of worshiping those that are more powerful than us seems to be popular and contagious. Few years back even i was a victim of such culture, i worshiped people who were rich: Who had better cars, better houses and those that were more powerful in society. But i would like to think that i was a kid and my wisdom didn’t kick in. I hate hearing this,’Oh i went to Siam and visited Gucci and Prada and bought my favourite purse,’ and trust me i have heard this a lot from those that visit Thailand.It’s like i don’t have to re think about such events in my mind because that phrase has become a cliche that it keeps hitting me anyways.

The greatest lessons that i have learnt so far in my life aren’t the ones which include money or fame in it but that doesn’t mean that money’s never taught me no lesson. I have learnt the most simple lesson from using and having money- too much money is not good. Meaning, human greed is endless, the more you use, the more you want it and sadly the lesser chances of having the ability to purchase it! In Bhutan the value of money  especially for the youths have decreased since the late 90’s. For example i would like to think that the satisfaction i receive from seeing a nu 500 note now is same to the the nu 50 note then. Love is the most powerful force in this world and yet money never ceases to suffice its role side by side as a guiding force. You tell me, you want to go see  a lama or visit a temple on an auspicious day but don’t have enough money or no money at all, do you think you can make up your mind about completing your task? The brutal answer is, ‘NO,’ because this society that we live in today is so framed, like the crowd in the movie is made to react after the hero saves the day, this so called civil society has made us think that without money even worship seems futile.

The worshiper is more locally known as ,’Chamcha or Chela,’ meaning the one who keeps running after that one person because he/she provides the money for their subject or some sort of fame and pleasure. For example you can spot the chela with that person most of the time expect that they don’t sleep together or bathe together, otherwise they keep updating their masters with the latest gossips in town and try and make them look superior no matter what. The most interesting thing a chela can do to his/her master is always take their side even when he/she is wrong and that is what makes the master think that his chela is loyal to them. They say in the underworld it takes a lot of time to earn trust from your leaders or the gangs you work for, may be it is something like this in reality as well.But such trust are dangerous because they are not natural or made from bits of pieces of love like little babies have for their mothers out of affection. The former trust can kill you within no time and sometimes i would like to think that it makes you vulnerable.






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